The Broken News: Sonali Bendre talks about cancer journey, said – 23-24 inches long scars were left on my body

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Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre recently talked about her cancer journey in an interview and told what happened to her after the surgery. Sonali told that her doctors wanted to send her home only 24 hours after the surgery. Sonali was diagnosed with cancer in the year 2018 and she went to New York for its treatment. There she lived for about 6 months.

Sonali talks about her cancer journey

Sonali said, “My husband Goldie Behl and I call it BC and AC, it means before cancer and after cancer. When you go through something then you also learn many lessons from it. Haven’t learned anything, so it’s really sad. I think I’ve learned many lessons from this disease.”

Sonali got 23-24 inches long and deep scars

Sonali further added, “After cancer surgery, my body underwent many changes and I had 23-24 inches long and deep scars on my body. After the surgery, my surgeon told me that I will see you in 24 hours. I want to see walking. They wanted to send me home as soon as possible, because they were afraid that I might get any kind of infection. That’s why they were asking me to get discharged from the hospital again and again.”

Sonali was diagnosed with cancer in 2018

Sonali shared the experience of this disease after recovery. He had said in an interview, “It is better if this disease is detected in the beginning. Well, this disease is terrible, but its treatment is much more terrible and painful than that. If the disease is detected earlier, then there is no cure. With less cost, there is less pain in its treatment. Information, awareness and quick action, these are the three things I needed during the treatment. Everyone should follow these things.”

Let us tell you that Sonali started her career with the film ‘Naraj’ in 1994. Recently he has announced his OTT debut with his upcoming series ‘The Broken News’.

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