The businessman was surrounded and robbed of a bag full of mobile and clothes, Barra police arrested with the help of CCTV. The businessman was surrounded and looted other goods including mobile, Barra police arrested with the help of CCTV

KanpurOne hour ago

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Barra police arrested both the robbers and sent them to jail.

Kanpur’s Barra police nabbed two vicious mobile robbers including a minor. All three miscreants started looting to fulfill their hobby. Police identified with the help of CCTV and nabbed both. Looted mobile and jacket and other goods have been recovered from both of them.

Minor and both youths became robbers to fulfill their hobby

Barra police station in-charge Manvendra Singh said that Ravindra Kumar Chaudhary, a resident of Barra World Bank Sector I, was robbed of mobile and other goods on Wednesday. Police investigated the case, two youths were captured in CCTV. With the help of an informer, the police of Barra police station nabbed three vicious robbers including a minor. Both the robbers have been identified as Ravi Paswan and Sanjay Yadav, residents of Barra Shiv Nagar. The police also recovered the looted jacket and other goods including mobile.

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