The city commissioner said, study geography and political science for one hour each. Municipal Commissioner said, study geography and political science for one hour each

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Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh counseling the students about the future

The process of giving counseling to the students has started in the e-library located in the Saharanpur Municipal Corporation premises. Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh gave counseling for general knowledge on Thursday. He asked the contestants preparing for competitive examinations to read newspapers daily and study Geography and Political Science for at least one hour every day. He directed the smart city officials to install an LED screen in the library so that the students can get pictorial information on any subject through YouTube.

Children’s counseling
Municipal Commissioner Gyanendra Singh reached the e-library located in the corporation premises on Thursday and gave counseling to the students who came there to prepare for competitive examinations. He defined the definition of rich and poor from the contestants and on the basis of which criteria it is determined. While asking questions in this regard, he also asked in relation to the richest man of the country. Along with questions related to Russia, Mauritius, UNO and the number of countries in the world and where disputes between two countries are raised in UNO, etc., they also gave information about them.

students learn to read from newspapers
He stressed upon the students to study in detail about rivers, canals, forests, seas, mountains and their characteristics and their position and boundaries between two countries. Describing the knowledge of economic subjects as important, the Municipal Commissioner said that without knowing economics, one cannot know about the economy of one’s own or other countries.

Emphasizing on the study of the editorial page, he taught the students to read the newspaper everyday. Giving the example of Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar, he said that even after scoring a double century, Tendulkar used to practice with three hundred deliveries in the net every day, only then he could become a great cricketer. The Municipal Commissioner told the students that other officers and subject experts would also be called for counselling.

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