The collector got angry on CS said- Stand up and make arrangements. The collector got angry on CS said – stand up and make arrangements

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Under the National Child Health Programme, more than 11 hundred children reached the mega health camp organized at Balrampur District Hospital with their families for investigation and treatment, while the officials expected that not more than 700 children would come. Seeing the chaos, Collector Kundan Kumar got furious and immediately instructed the civil surgeon to arrange food and water for the children troubled in the sun and said that you stand up and give water to the children, otherwise I will suspend.

Seeing the chaos, the collector himself stood on the spot. In the camp, different counters were set up by the viva teams working in the district for health check-up, block wise and age wise for the children of 0 to 18 years. This camp was very important, but due to negligence in the arrangements, the children had to suffer in the scorching heat. Due to less counter, half the parents and children were seen wandering here and there for the whole day to register.

Children found suffering from these problems
Anganwadi in mega health camp, school registered children with neural tube defects, heart disease, lip and palate deformity, foot deformity, congenital cataract, congenital deafness, congenital heart disease, ear infection, dental disease, visual impairment, hearing People suffering from problems in the heart, muscle disorders, leprosy, tuberculosis, very malnourished children or other diseases had come to take health benefits.

The experts of these departments did the health check-up of the children.
Specialist doctors (cardiologists, neurologists) and district level specialist doctors, orthopedics, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, MD Medicine, ear, nose, contracted private hospital in Ayushman Bharat in the camp, Shri Sankalp Hospital Raipur Performed by , Throatologist and General Surgeon, Dentist, Physiotherapist.

More than anticipated, hence a little trouble: CMHO
Chief District Medical Officer Dr Basant Singh said that 700 children were expected to come to the camp, but 11 hundred came. This caused some trouble. All have been registered and investigation and treatment are being done. The crowd increased because malnourished children were also brought to the camp for examination.

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