The condition of 16 other seats in the state is also similar, BJP did not get MLA | The condition of 16 other seats in the state is also similar, BJP did not get MLA

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A few days before the assembly elections, the influx of veterans in the BJP and the leaders of the organization embroiled in the stampede of departure, are still focused on those 17 seats in the state, including Sahaswan of Badaun, where since the BJP came into existence, till today the lotus has blossomed. Didn’t take the name. To say that for the last one year, BJP has been doing homework continuously in these seats, but the grand campaign of homework has been sabotaged by a stampede.

In the 2017 assembly elections, the SP was devastated in front of the BJP, but a history remained here that the people of the BJP did not choose the MLA from the Sahaswan seat. Maintaining this history in this seat with Muslim-Yadav factor was a big deal for the SP. That too in those circumstances when the storm was of Modi. Initially, the government lost time in fulfilling the claims and promises, but the homework started by the BJP for the last one year, its goal was how to feed lotus in Sahaswan. Not only Sahaswan, there are also other 16 seats in the state where BJP has been tempted to open its legislative account from the beginning.

Mulayam had given strength

SP Patron and former Chief Minister Mulayam Singh contested the elections from Sahaswan Assembly in the year 1996 and kept it as an illegal fort of SP. However, even before this, the politicians of BJP could not break this talisman. Mulayam had strengthened this fort only by claiming from here.

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At present, the BJP’s full focus is on Akbarpur seat of Ambedkar Nagar, Nizamabad seat of Azamgarh, Sidhauli seat of Sitapur, Harchandpur seat of Rae Bareli and Mohanlalganj seat of Lucknow. Apart from these, Sadar seat of Rae Bareli, Sisamau seat of Kanpur, Sadar seat of Azamgarh, Rampur Khas seat of Pratapgarh, Jaswantnagar seat of Etawah, Unchahar seat of Rae Bareli, Malhani seat of Jaunpur, Atraulia seat of Azamgarh, Mubarakpur and Gopalpur seat of Azamgarh itself Are included. The Malhni seat of Jaunpur, which was earlier the Rari assembly, has never been won by BJP till date.

These are the MLAs on these seats

Ramchal Rajbhar of BSP is the MLA from Akbarpur seat of Ambedkarnagar. While Alam Badi of Samajwadi is sitting on the MLA’s seat from Nizamabad seat of Azamgarh. Similarly, from Sidhauli seat of Sitapur, Dr. Govind Bhargava is an MLA, who was in BSP and has joined SP only recently. Rakesh Singh was elected by the people from the Congress from Harchandpur seat of Rae Bareli, although now he has joined the BJP. Mohanlalganj seat of Lucknow is in SP’s account and Amrit Singh is MLA from here. Whereas Aditya Singh, who won the election from Congress in Rae Bareli seat, is an MLA and has now joined BJP.

If we talk about Sisamau seat of Kanpur, then the people of Samajwadi Party have sent Haji Irfan Solanki to the assembly. Durga Yadav on Azamgarh Sadar, Aradhana Mishra of Congress in Rampur Khas seat of Pratapgarh, Shivpal Yadav, uncle of SP chief at Jaswant Nagar in Etawah, Manoj Pandey Samajwadi Party in Unchahar seat of Rae Bareli, Lucky Yadav of Samajwadi Party in Malhani seat of Jaunpur. In Azamgarh’s Atraulia seat, Sangram Yadav of SP is MLA and Shah Alam of BSP is MLA from Mubarakpur seat.

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