The condition of the child is critical, the police will take action against the sellers by running a bidding campaign. The condition of the child is critical, police bid – action will be taken against those selling by running a campaign

Hapur2 hours ago

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A child was injured in Lajjapuri near Ramlila Maidan in Hapur. The family members admitted him to the hospital. Where the condition of the child remains critical. Along with this, another youth was also injured after being hit by Chinese manja.

7-year-old Anmol son Virendra lives in Lajjapuri. On Friday, he was going with his father to get goods from the market. As soon as Anmol reached near Lajjapuri’s street number 4, his neck was cut after being hit by a Chinese manjha. During this, the family took Anmol to a private hospital. He has got 13 stitches in his neck. Apart from this, on the other hand, Teja was going on a bike in Ramlila Maidan itself. The one who got injured due to being hit by the manjha. He has been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

open sale
The officers of the police administration are proving unsuccessful in stopping the sale of growing Chinese manjha in the area. However, the police had conducted raids two days back as well. Even after this the manjha is being sold. CO SN Vaibhav Pandey said that the sale of Chinese manjha will not be allowed under any circumstances. He said that the police will run a campaign for this.

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