The Congress general secretary surrounded the BJP government regarding the Lakhimpur incident, said under which mission it is happening in UP | On the Lakhimpur incident, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi surrounded the BJP government, said under which mission it is happening in UP

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  • The Congress General Secretary Surrounded The BJP Government Regarding The Lakhimpur Incident, Said Under Which Mission It Is Happening In UP

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Priyanka Gandhi, the in-charge of UP and the national general secretary of the Congress, has targeted the government over the uproar of BJP in Lakhimpur Kheri Kotwali.

  • In Lakhimpur on Saturday, the police arrested women policemen on charges of indecency
  • On receiving this information, the BJP MLA reached with his supporters and rescued the young man.

High voltage drama was witnessed late Friday night in Mohammadi assembly constituency of Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that BJP workers misbehaved with women soldiers. Not only this, the BJP workers created a lot of uproar in power. Now, on this matter, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has attacked the Yogi government and asked under which mission it is happening in UP.

This is the whole case

BJP’s National Vice President and MP Rekha Varma was present in the area at Mohamadi in Lakhimpur Kheri on Friday. All the BJP workers were gathered in the program of their reception. It is here that the BJP worker was accused of indecency with women police personnel. The women policemen on duty came back and gave information about the incident with them to Kotwal Brijesh Tripathi.

BJP workers clashed with policemen after reaching Kotwali

Meanwhile, the worker who was facing this charge also reached Kotwali and confronted the police. The worker alleges that the police beat him fiercely with sticks and locked him in lockup. As soon as the information was received about this matter, the MLA reached Kotwali with Lokendra Pratap Singh and all his supporters and there was a fierce commotion. The BJP created a ruckus with the police and after that, the accused rescued the worker from within Kotwali. Accused of indecency with women policemen, who were rescued from the lockup by BJP MLAs in front of Regional Mohammadi Assembly MLA Lokendra Pratap Singh.


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