The crowd gathered to bid farewell to their beloved Laxman, who was wrapped in the tricolor | People gathered to bid farewell to their beloved Laxman, more than 25 thousand people arrived; Floriculture

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Jodhpur5 hours ago

Thousands of people were present in the village of Khejdla in Jodhpur while reaching the body of the martyr. Photo Kapil Deora

  • In the journey from Jodhpur to Khejdla, people made flowers at different places
  • More than 25 thousand people reached Khejdla to pay their last farewell to the martyr

The people of Marwar gave a final farewell to the soldiers of Khejdla village in Jodhpur district who sacrificed their lives while taking the fight against the enemies of the country. Thousands of people flocked to Kheddla to pay their last farewell to the girl who had arrived in the tricolor. Never before have so many people been seen together in Khejdla. Shaheed Laxman’s brother offered fire amidst patriotic cheers. People were holding tricolor in their hands everywhere. This is the first time in Jodhpur when such a large number of people gave a final farewell to a martyr.

Let us tell you that Laxman was killed on Wednesday in Pakistan firing on the Line of Control in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir. 23-year-old Laxman, a resident of Khejdla in Jodhpur district, was wounded while bravely fighting the enemies on the border. He was rushed to an army hospital, but could not be saved during treatment.

Mother of Dulari martyr Lakshmana for the last time to her son.

Earlier, a large number of people gathered outside every village bid farewell to Jabanj with moist eyes during the 90-km-long journey from Jodhpur to the mortal remains of the martyr’s body. Everywhere, enthusiastic people shouted slogans against Pakistan and laid a wreath on the mortal remains of the martyr. A large number of people had reached there before the mortal remains of martyr Lakshman reached Khejdla. People were visible everywhere in the village. In the presence of about 25 thousand people, the army vehicle reached the house of Laxman with a dead body.

The relatives of the dead body at home saw their last. As the martyr’s mother and sister reached the mortal body, the atmosphere became turbid. The people present there could not stop their tears after seeing their son for the last time. After some custom at home, the martyr set out on his last journey. He was taken to the cremation site 5 kilometers from his house.

Today people appeared everywhere in Khejdla.

Today people appeared everywhere in Khejdla.

The village market remained completely closed in honor of the martyr. He is survived by parents and a younger brother and sister. His father is associated with farming. Laxman was to be married after two months. Wedding preparations were going on in the family. By the end of the next month, Laxman was scheduled to arrive on leave. He was admitted to the army five years ago.

There was talk at home shortly before the shooting
Laxman’s family was preparing for the wedding of their beloved son. Laxman, who came out two months ago, started the construction of his house. House construction is going on So yesterday morning, he called at home and talked to his mother for a long time and got information about the house. He then asked his friend working there to expedite the construction of the house. Laxman wanted to complete the construction of the house before his marriage. In Laxman’s relationship, the brother said that there is a great loss for the family. With the inspiration of Laxman, his younger brother is also preparing to join the army.

Marriage was stuck due to Corona
Martyr Laxman’s marriage was proposed last year. But keeping in mind the strict guidelines applicable due to Corona, both the families had moved the marriage forward. Her engagement took place two years before a young woman, doing BA, from a family in Ghamnagara village in the area.


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