‘The Diary Of West Bengal’ Controversy: Film Targeted By West Bengal Police, Director Sanoj Mishra Says, ‘Something Might Be Wrong With Me’

3 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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After director Sudipto Sen’s film ‘The Kerala Story’, now another Hindi film may create ruckus. This film is ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ directed by Sanoj Mishra, which has now come under the target of West Bengal Police. The police have issued a notice against Sanoj accusing him of defaming the state. Sanoj’s reaction has now come to the fore.

Sections have been imposed on me like I am a terrorist

During a conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Sanoj said that a conspiracy is happening against him. He said, ‘I have been working hard on this film for the last two years. A month ago the trailer of my film was launched and after that on May 11, I came to know that the West Bengal government is going to take some action against me. On May 25, I was informed through email that there is a notice against me and I have to go there and answer it. I believe that I am living in a democratic country and I have the right to express my views or to speak. They have imposed such sections on me as if I am a traitor or a terrorist. A conspiracy is being hatched against me and efforts are being made to send me to jail. I am afraid that something might be wrong with me. It is possible that by doing this, an attempt is being made to break my spirits so that I do not release this film in future. This is not right, if this happens then no one will dare to speak right in future.

Made a film with a lot of research and evidence

Regarding the story of the film, Sanoj further says, ‘My film is not around the work of any party or politician. There is no agenda in this but it is based on the system that has been in place in Bengal since before independence. Through this story, we have told how the British rule was here, how the capital was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi and then how unemployment increased, what wrong decisions were taken by the government. And on all these issues we have spoken with full evidence. We have been able to move forward on this story after doing a lot of research. Now what conspiracy is happening against me in Bengal is beyond my understanding.

Nothing against Didi in the film

At present there is Mamta Banerjee’s government in West Bengal. If Sanoj is to be believed, he is not tarnishing the image of Mamta or her government anywhere through this film. He says, ‘I want to say to Mamta Banerjee that I am not against her at all, nor do I intend to show her or her government’s image wrong. My intention is that the social system there, the unemployment there, the people leaving the state, all these things should come in front of the audience. Now Didi is feeling that she is being targeted, so there is no truth in it. I understand and know a lot about this state. I have also been a part of many Bengali films. I have no enmity with Bengal. I have spent a long time in Bengal.

Only the title of our film is given, not the story

Regarding the title of the film, Sanoj says, ‘I had made a film before ‘Kashmir Files’ called ‘Kashi’. The film could not be released due to some internal disputes. After that I did not know that a film like ‘The Kerala Story’ was being made. We launched our trailer even before the release of the film. We are not copying anyone’s film. It is just a coincidence that the title of our film is similar to these recently released films.

The film is based on true events

The film ‘The Diary of West Bengal’ has not yet passed the censor board. This film, being made under the banner of Wasim Rizvi Films, has been produced by Narayan Singh. Whereas Sanoj Mishra is the writer and director of this film. This film is based on true events.

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