The entire horoscope of ‘Indra’ of corruption …: The collector passed the file stuck for 3 months and received it in 1 day, did not even take the report from ADM

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On Friday, the ACB presented a 565-page charge sheet against Baran Collector Indrasingh Rao and PA Mahavir Nagar.

  • Interesting story from IAS Rao’s posting in the charge sheet to the bars

The ACB presented a 565-page charge sheet against the jailed Baran collector Indrasingh Rao and PA Mahavir Nagar on Friday. The charge sheet tells the network of bribery going on in Baran Collector Office. Also exposed the characters of taking bribe. It has the whole interesting story of IAS Rao from posting to reaching the bars.

An attempt has also been made in the charge sheet to prove that Rao is an old player in getting such cases cleared. What happened against the old nine cases against it, till date ACB officers have given it in the charge sheet. Clearly, nothing has happened in the nine old cases registered on them till date. The ACB will present the WhatsApp chat as evidence, so that the fate of the new case does not happen. Investigating officers have said that the chat will reveal many secrets. 19 witnesses have also been made. A transcript of the interaction between IAS and PA on bribery is also introduced. Evidence of bribery has also been found in bank accounts. The forensic investigation report of the hand samples of the collector and the PA is also positive.

ACB has divided the incident of bribery in the charge sheet into two scenes

Scene 1: The scene of the collector cabin while the bribe amount is fixed

8 December 2020 … Govind Singh who wants NOC for petrol pump reaches the collector. He first meets PA Mahaveer. It says what is the status of the file. PA Mahavir says – the file will come, sir, if we order it .. Govind Singh keeps waiting in office for eight minutes to one hour 33 minutes 39 seconds without a prescription. After this, the employee standing at the gate calls out – Govind Singh, Chalo saheb is calling. On hearing the voice, the Collector’s PA Mahavir Nagar comes and says that he is calling. On arriving at the Chamber, Collector Indrasingh Rao from Govind Singh says- ‘I have made the order on your file. She asked him to make a letter. Now because the order will be canceled back on the letter, then it will go back in transit, then that report will come, after that I will order again. Today, it is a government land (government land), that letter is still being built. Will be signed now. Here you have written on the file. I have WhatsApp before, we will have a copy from there. After that there will be a second order.

Scene 2: Scene before going to lunch after the transaction is finalized

The Collector summoned the two babus to his chamber immediately before the transaction was settled for lunch. Asked to immediately submit the file of the petrol pump of Govind Singh’s Harnavada Jagir. On this, both the babus told the collector that the original copy of the challan has not yet been submitted by the company to the office. In the absence of this, advance proceedings in the file have been delayed. Nevertheless, the Collector asked to present the file early and ordered the file without the ADM’s opinion. While the complainant’s file was pending since September 2020. Orders were made on 8 December 2020 within a day after meeting the PA and finalizing the bribe amount.

Indrasingh Rao did not let a case run

At the time of investigation, the ACB also found the old record of Indrasingh Rao stunned. One, not two, nine old cases were registered against the accused IAS. But the fate of their fate is even more shocking. Seven cases registered against him in 2001 were closed for lack of evidence. A 2006 case also met the same fate. In another case of 2005, till date the government has not approved prosecution, so this case also had to be closed. The ACB has stated in the charge sheet that this shows that the accused is quite agile and clever. The first one does not leave this evidence, the second also makes full use of its influence. This makes the criminal background of the accused clear.

Raj will reveal mobile chat records

As soon as PA Mahavir’s trap action took place, the accused collector deleted WhatsApp chat data from mobile to avoid charges. The ACB has sent the Forensic Science Laboratory Gandhinagar-Gujarat to get WhatsApp chat recovered. Reports are forthcoming which may contain shocking revelations. In a 565-page report, the ACB mentions WhatsApp chat.

This is the case … Petrol pump was taken in lieu of NOC

On December 9, 2020, Kota ACB caught Bhai Mahavir Prasad, the then collector of Baran, Indrasingh Rao, taking a bribe of 1 lakh 40 thousand in lieu of issuing NOC of petrol pump. The accused gave the statement that he was not alone involved. After this he was sent to jail. Based on the evidence found in the PA’s mobile, the team interrogated the then collector Inder Singh Rao for 10 hours. After collecting evidence, he was arrested on 23 December. He was later sent to jail.

Rao’s tainted report card

  • Indrasingh Rao is originally a 1989 batch officer of Rajasthan Administrative Service.
  • APOs were carried out six times in a 31-year term.
  • Suspended once due to serious charges.
  • Four years ago, he was promoted to the Indian Administrative Service.


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