The exercise of connecting Anganwadi centers with self-help groups started. Efforts to connect Anganwadi centers with self-help groups started

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Children and women will now get cooked food instead of grains at Anganwadi centers. For this, the government is connecting women’s self-help groups with Anganwadi centers.

After the system of registering at Anganwadi centers was over, arrangements were made to give ration to children and women. In this nutritious cereals like porridge, gram, pulses were being given. But like Panjiri, scams started happening in ration too. Therefore, by closing this system also, arrangements are being made to provide cooked food to the children to directly benefit them.

The women of the group will prepare the children’s food

Director of Child Development and Nutrition Department, Kapil Dev Singh informed that 189014 Anganwadi centers are operating in the state. In this, 1 crore 77 lakh children from zero to 6 years are registered. Apart from this, nutrition is being given to pregnant and nursing women up to 6 months. These centers are being linked to clusters. The women of the group will prepare food for them on the lines of mid day meal.

Malnourished children will get nutritious food directly

According to the director, the government had started the scheme to provide nutritious food to the children. But the information of rigging kept coming in between, due to which it became necessary to change the system. Through this system, children and women will be able to get nutritious food directly. Along with this, the financial condition of women associated with self-help groups will also improve.

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