The family was troubled by the loan of usurers, the father killed all three and set himself on fire. The family was troubled by the loan of usurers, the father killed all three and set himself on fire

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A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in Gorakhpur. The husband killed his wife and two children by slitting their throats. Then he himself committed suicide by setting himself on fire. When neighbors saw smoke coming out of the house on Sunday morning, they broke the gate. The charred dead bodies of all four were found on the bed in the room. Police reached the spot and sent the dead body for postmortem. The incident is of Devkali village of Gola area.

As soon as the information was received, DM and SSP reached the village and inquired about the matter. The forensic team has collected evidence from the spot. The villagers are telling debt and family discord behind the incident. Presently the police is investigating the matter.

Moneylenders were making pressure
Indra Bahadur was addicted to alcohol and gambling. He had taken a loan on interest from the villagers. Due to debt, he had either sold other properties except the house or had lost them in gambling. There used to be frequent disputes in the family regarding this matter. Whereas, moneylenders were constantly pressurizing the family to repay the loan.

smoke coming out of the window
Indra Bahadur Maurya (42), a resident of Devkali village, used to maintain the family by setting up a vegetable shop in the market. They were married about 20 years ago in Rajai village of Maharajganj district. Smoke was coming out of the window of his house on Sunday morning.

When neighbors broke open the door, Indra Bahadur, his wife Sushila Devi (38), daughter Chandni (10) and son Aryan (8) were lying dead on the bed. All three had marks of being stabbed with a knife on their neck and stomach. Whereas, Indra Bahadur was completely burnt.

Mother lives with daughter in Bhilai
Actually, earlier the whole family of Indra Bahadur used to live together. But, Indra Bahadur’s father Shyam Bihari died about two years ago during the Corona period. After father’s death, mother Rajai Devi went to Bhilai to be with her daughter.

Brother ran away from the village 10 years ago
According to the villagers, Indra Bahadur’s brother Jai Bahadur also fled the village with his family about 10 years ago due to debt. The villagers say that once Jaibahadur went, he never came back. Because, he had taken a lot of loan on interest from the people in the village. Jai Bahadur did not come to the village even when his father died two years ago. Because of his antics, the mother was forced to go to live with her daughter.

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