The father was found unconscious, the family said – action should be taken on the school management. Father was found unconscious, family members said – action should be taken against school management

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Five-year-old Niharika found locked in school in an unconscious state

In the Composite School of village Nibdia, Faridpur, a case of five-year-old girl being locked in the school and going to the staff’s house has come to the fore. The girl kept crying and crying in the closed school after the holiday. Troubled parents kept searching for him here and there in the village. Asked the teachers but they did not give any concrete answer. On this, the parents themselves went to the school and saw that the girl was found in a state of unconsciousness.

Sanjeev Mishra of the village works hard. He has two children. Out of which a seven-year-old boy goes to Vansh class one and a five-year-old girl Niharika goes to the Anganwadi center. There is a composite school in the village. Hence primary, junior and Anganwadi centers operate in the same premises.

School is 500 meters away from home

The distance from home to school will be around 500 meters. As usual, Vansh and Niharika also went to school. In the morning Sanjeev went to drop both of them. It was a school holiday at around one o’clock in the afternoon. After this Vansh came home but Niharika did not reach. When Niharika did not reach home even after one and a half o’clock, her grandmother Phoolmati started worrying. She immediately went to the Composite School.

Staff adopted irresponsible attitude

At that time the staff was leaving the school by locking it. On this, the teachers informed about the absence of any child in the school. Said that it will be somewhere in the village itself, it will reach home now. On this the grandmother came home and told the whole thing to the son Sanjeev. Panicked, Sanjeev came across the village looking for Niharika. There was no information available from the children with him.

father jumped inside the school

In such a situation, when he reached the school again, he jumped the boundary wall and reached inside and saw that Niharika was lying unconscious on the ground. He immediately took her to the doctor. However, his condition is fine now. The girl had fainted due to heat and hunger.

Explanation sought from headmaster

After the whole matter came to the notice, Block Education Officer Shashank Shekhar Mishra has sought an explanation from Headmaster Nirmala Devi as to how this negligence happened. However, the matter is of Anganwadi center. The BSA has also been informed about the whole matter.

Demand for action on school management

Niharika used to come home from school along with Vansh. Vansh used to go to pick up Niharika, but on Friday Vansh came home in a hurry. According to Sanjeev, Niharika must have either fallen asleep or went to her class while searching for Vansh. The school management should take care of the children. Action should be taken against negligent teachers.

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