The film is the story of Sher Singh Rana: avenged the murder of 22 Thakurs by killing Phoolan, escaping from prison and brought Prithviraj’s ashes from Afghanistan to India.

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Another biopic is being made in Bollywood, whose name is Sher Singh Banana. Vidyut Jamwal is playing the role of Sher Singh. Sher Singh Rana is the one who shot and killed Phoolan Devi, a dacoit-turned-MP on July 25, 2001, outside his house. This was the revenge of the Behmai massacre in 1981, in which Phoolan Devi killed 22 Thakurs of the village simultaneously. The name of the avenger was Sher Singh Rana, who surrendered 2 days after the murder of Phoolan Devi. The story is not just that.

The case was going on and Sher Singh was kept in Tihar Jail, but, he escaped after staying in jail for 3 years. First reached Afghanistan via Bangladesh and then Dubai. From there the emperor returned to India with the ashes of Prithviraj Chauhan. Then went to jail, released on bail, contested elections, refused dowry of 10 crores.

Sher Singh’s story is a film in itself. In which there is a lot of thrill and action too. Sher Singh was born on 17 May 1976 in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, the parents named Pankaj Singh Rana. Sher Singh has a brother, parents and wife in a small family. Today we will talk about Sher Singh’s life…

MP killed to avenge killing of 22 Rajputs
Phoolan Devi was raped by several people of Thakur society in Behmai village of MP for 3 weeks. To avenge this, Phoolan joined the police uniform in a wedding and shot 22 people standing in a line together on 14 February 1981. This massacre is known as the Behmai massacre. The robber Phoolan Devi later surrendered.

Later on her release from jail, Phoolan became an MP. The story of Sher Singh begins from here, when Sher Singh killed Phoolan Devi on 25 July 2001 by firing bullets in front of his government residence in Delhi. Sher Singh surrendered before Dehradun Police about 2 days after this incident. Sher Singh made a shocking disclosure of this murder. According to the police, Rana had killed Phoolan Devi to avenge the killing of 22 Rajputs killed in the Behmai massacre.

Escaped from Tihar Jail in film style
A murder case was going on against Rana, he remained in Tihar Jail for 3 years. Rana escaped from jail on 17 February 2004. After this he stayed in a hotel in Moradabad and asked for one lakh rupees from his relatives. Then after wandering in India for 2 months visa, he reached Bangladesh. There he bought a satellite phone for Rs 16,500 so that he could easily talk to his relatives without being tracked. During this, Sher Singh Rana kept getting 15-20 thousand rupees every month from relatives. From Bangladesh via Dubai, he reached Afghanistan.

The ashes of Prithviraj Chauhan brought from Ghazni
After reaching Afghanistan, Sher Singh Rana reached Ghazni and brought the ashes of 11th century emperor Prithviraj Chauhan to India. During this, Sher Singh also made a 40-minute video, which he uploaded on YouTube. In this video, how did Rana bring the ashes from there. It has been shown. During this Sher Singh escaped from jail for almost 2 years.

Arrested again from guest house
After coming to India from Afghanistan, in 2006, Rana was again arrested from a guest house in Kolkata. After this, the Delhi court sentenced Rana to life imprisonment and a fine of 1 lakh on 14 August 2014 for the murder of Phoolan Devi, but after bringing the ashes of Emperor Prithviraj Chauhan to India risking his life, his image became different and he was given a Not seeing him as an accused of murder, he was considered a good person, while his bravery was praised by the Hindu Kshatriya army. After this, the Delhi High Court granted interim bail to Sher Singh Rana.

Temple built with the help of mother
After this whole incident, Sher Singh Rana with the help of his mother built a temple of Prithviraj Chauhan in Pilkhua, Ghaziabad, where his ashes are still kept.

contested elections in 2012
During this time Sher Singh Rana formed a party of the upper castes, which was named Rashtriya Jan Lok Party. Sher Singh also contested the 2012 election from Jewar in Uttar Pradesh against Suresh Rana, but he had to face defeat.

10 crore dowry rejected
Sher Singh married Pratima Rana, daughter of former Madhya Pradesh MLA Rana Pratap Singh, on 20 February 2018 at a Delhi hotel. According to the information, in this marriage, Rana was being given 10 crore 31 lakh rupees as dowry, but Rana refused to take it and completed the marriage rituals by taking a silver coin. Rana had been in a lot of discussions about this too.

Song made in 2015
A song has also been made on Sher Singh in 2015, which is in Punjabi. This rap song has been uploaded on YouTube, which has been viewed more than 42 thousand times on the channel Sher Singh.

written prison diary
Sher Singh has also written a book titled Jail Diary, which tells the story of his jail days and his escape from Tihar. The book tells the story of his prison days and his escape. The book also talks about the murder of Phoolan Devi.

Film rights taken from Sher Singh
When our correspondent spoke to the director of this film Vinod Bhanushali about this film, he said, “The story and rights were with the director Shrinarayan Singh for a long time. They are our old friends. So when I started Bhanushali studio company, we decided to work on this subject together. Let us tell you that Sher Singh is very happy about the making of this film and he is also excited about Vidyut Jamwal playing his role. It is worth noting that Sher Singh has expressed happiness over having a Rajput director and actor in the film.

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