The fire broke out due to a sudden short circuit while working, the doctors referred it to the Higher Center. Fire broke out due to sudden short circuit while working, doctors referred to higher center

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Treatment going on in critical condition in Higher Center

Five people were working in the block office of the railways in Banda. Then suddenly the fire broke out in the room due to short circuit. Due to which a railway worker got badly burnt. Later people took him out of there and he was admitted to the district hospital. Where, seeing his serious condition, the doctors referred him to the Higher Center.

Raghunandan (40), working at Dingwahi railway station in the district, suffered severe burns due to short circuit. After working with him, the colleague immediately picked him up and admitted him to the district hospital, where seeing his condition serious, the doctors referred him to the Higher Center after first aid.

Weeping of family members

Kamta Prasad, who was working together, told that 5 people were working in OHE Pawar block. Then there was a short circuit. In which the youth got 70 percent burns. At the same time, there has been a furore in the family after the incident. The family members are in a bad condition by crying.

scorched 70 percent of the body

On the other hand, Dr Vineet Sachan of Trauma Center said that the railway employee had come badly burnt. The one who was admitted earlier but seeing the seriousness of the situation has been referred to the Higher Center. Family members say that the accident happened due to short circuit while working on the railway line.

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