The flood of faith swelled on Maghi Purnima, Kalpavasi began to depart from the sandbar with the last dip of virtue. | The flood of faith swelled on Maghi Purnima, the Kalpavasi started to depart from the sand with the last dip of virtue.

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Prayagraj19 minutes ago

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There was a surge of faith on the occasion of Maghi Purnima in Prayagraj, UP.

The mass tide of faith once again rose for the last dip of Kalpavas on the Maghi Purnima on Saturday on the Triveni Sangam coast of Ganga, Yamuna and the invisible Saraswati of Prayagraj district in Uttar Pradesh. Everyone wanted to make life blessed by the touch of the Amritamayi holy stream of Sangam. Yagna on Milan, Hari Darshan and sandi, this occasion of communion ceremony was worth seeing. Saints, devotees and Kalpavasis are beginning to leave with the last dip of Maghi Purnima.

For the bathing of Maghi Purnima, from midnight, the people of faith started hitting the hillocks in the other bathing ghats of the Ganges, including the confluence. Till the morning break, surge began to appear everywhere on the routes leading to the confluence. In the heat of the waves in the ocean of devotion, everyone kept getting wet and body, converting the mind. Along with the holy dip of Maghi Purnima on all the eight ghats of Magh Mela area, lighting the lamp of wishes on the sandbar, the donation of food, clothing and clothing was also everywhere.

Devotees gathered in Prayag to bathe.

Devotees gathered in Prayag to bathe.

In view of the crowd, the entry of vehicles was stopped in the evening in the Sangam area. Rama of asthaavans is going on the red road, black road and triveni road only in devotion. There are stories of Satyanarayana Bhagwan taking bath, meditation and with sand. The camps also started the rituals of rituals and rituals, which had been going on for over a month. Goods are being introduced from the camps.

Flower showers by helicopter on saints devotees at Sangam
On the one hand on the holy festival of Maghi Purnima, while the faith continued to hit the Kajal Sagar Hill, on the other hand, the Yogi Adityanath government, on the Sangam coast, offered flowers of saints to the saints. From 8:30 am, floral rain started in the helicopter and Jaigosh started buzzing. The Yogi government tried to make the Kalpavis’ last dip a pleasant and soulful one. The helicopter started flying from the police line to Sangam with the rose petals.

A call for solidarity with the saint community at the Sangam Cay
A meeting of the All India United Dharmacharya Manch on Saturday on Maghi Purnima was held at the Guru Kripa Camp in the Magh Mela area under the chairmanship of the national president of the forum Mahamandaleshwar Mahant Baleshwar Das. The saint urged the society that the saint society should work in the interest of society by forgetting mutual differences and disputes. The image of the saint society is being eroded in the society due to the mutual quarrel of the saints.

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