The girl was having a love affair, a dispute with her lover about the third one; The young man killed himself by hitting him with an iron rod. | The girl’s brother came between the lover and the girlfriend, the young man killed the girlfriend by hitting him with an iron rod

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  • The Girl Was Having A Love Affair, A Dispute With Her Lover About The Third One; The Young Man Killed Himself By Hitting Him With An Iron Rod.

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In Etawah, the lover first killed the girlfriend, then himself ate poison. Confessed crime in front of police.

In Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, a young woman was murdered due to a love affair. A third boy had come between her and her lover. The accused was afraid that he would lose the girl. Due to which there was a dispute between the two. The girl who went to the farm had a fight with her lover. In which he killed her in anger. Then he himself drank the poison. Later the villagers got both admitted to the hospital. where the girl died. While the boy survived. He confessed his crime in front of the police. The police arrested him and sent him to jail.

The girl had gone to get fodder in the field
The matter is of Madauli village of Lakhna town of Bakewar police station. Where the resident Ruchi (20) was having a love affair with Khushi Lal alias Babu (22), a resident of the neighborhood, for seven years. Meanwhile, the girl’s cousin brother came between the two. Due to which the lover was afraid that he would lose his girlfriend. There used to be frequent disputes between the two regarding this matter. On Wednesday evening when Ruchi along with her nephew Abhay went to the farm to get fodder. Then Babu also came there. After which the two quarreled again. The accused killed the girl by hitting her with a sharp weapon and a shocker rod of a motorcycle. Even after that, he himself drank poison.

Villagers took both of them to the hospital
Both were seen by the villagers present there. The information was given to the families of both of them. The family members and the police who reached the spot took both of them to the district hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared Ruchi brought dead. The treatment of the accused is going on there. He has confessed his crime in front of the police. The SSP told that the matter has come out. In that the girl had gone to cut grazing in the field. There her lover attacked her with a sharp weapon and shocker rod. in which he died. Then he himself consumed the poison. A case will be registered on the complaint of the relatives of the deceased. Information on all aspects was collected. The police arrested the accused and sent him to jail.

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