The girl who scored in the 11th minute of the game: Mother grew up by selling vegetables in the streets of Lucknow, daughter showed amazing in Hockey World Cup

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  • Mother Grew Up By Selling Vegetables In The Streets Of Lucknow, Daughter Showed Amazing In Hockey World Cup

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The Women’s Hockey Junior World Cup is being played in South Africa. In the quarter-final match played against South Korea here on Friday, Lucknow’s Mumtaz Khan scored the first goal while playing for the Indian team and cleared the way for the team to reach the semi-finals. In the 11th minute of the quarter-final match played in Potchefstrum, Mumtaz Khan gave the team a great start by dodging the South Korean goalkeeper. Mumtaz was awarded the Player of the Match award for her excellent performance. India has so far won four out of four matches in the Junior Hockey World Cup, with Mumtaz contributing the most.

Mother sets up a vegetable cart
Mumtaz’s mother Kaiser Jahan sets up a vegetable cart in the narrow streets of the artillery market of Lucknow. Even on Friday, Kaiser Jahan, who was selling vegetables, could not see this miracle of her daughter in the World Cup. However, the mother does not regret seeing her daughter playing. Kaiser Jahan says that there will be many more such occasions in future when she will see her daughter scoring goals.

Mother said – I will definitely see daughter playing in future
Speaking to the English newspaper Indian Express, Kaiser Jahan said, “It was a busy time for me. I would have loved to see my daughter score goals. But I also want to earn a living. I hope there will be many more such occasions in the future when I will see my daughter scoring goals.”
On the other hand, the trust of the mother is not wrong. Because the journey beyond the junior level is difficult. But seeing the speed, ability and talent that Mumtaz has, it seems that she will represent the team at the senior level.

Mumtaz, who plays at the forward position, has shown strength in National Sub Junior Women's Hockey in Ranchi in 2016 and Rohtak in 2017.

Mumtaz, who plays at the forward position, has shown strength in National Sub Junior Women’s Hockey in Ranchi in 2016 and Rohtak in 2017.

Hockey player instead of athlete
In 2013, Mumtaz went to Agra with her school athletics team for a competition where she topped. After this a local coach suggested to Mumtaz that she should start playing hockey.

Mumtaz’s childhood coach Neelam Siddiqui said, “Mumtaz had the speed and energy that we thought would come in handy in hockey. We felt that if she understands the game of hockey well, she can become a very good player.”

Mumtaz was 13 years old and by then she had played for her school team only a few times. During that time, Mumtaz gave a tremendous competition to the senior players.

dream of playing in olympics
Born in a very poor family, Mumtaz’s parents run a vegetable cart. Mumtaz, a resident of Lucknow, was interested in hockey since childhood. His talent was recognized by hockey coach Neelam Siddiqui in 2011.
Got admission in Lucknow Hostel in 2014 and started training under Siddiqui. She has played for Uttar Pradesh in National Junior Women’s Hockey in Chhattisgarh in 2015 and Ranchi in 2016.

Not only this, Mumtaz has played for the Indian team in the Under-18 Women’s Hockey Asia Cup held in Thailand in December 2016. This was followed by the distinction of participating in junior hockey in Australia in 2017, the Netherlands and Belgium in 2018. Mumtaz’s dream is to become a part of the Indian hockey team at the Olympics.

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