The grand Ramkatha took place in Jagrati Vihar. Grand Ramkatha took place in Jagrati Vihar

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Artists decorated the tableau of Ram, Sita Varan

On the sixth day of the musical Shri Ram Katha being organized by the Sadbhawna Park Committee at Jagrati Vihar Sector 4, Meerut, the devotees became emotional after listening to the marriage ceremony of Ram-Sita. Storyteller Bal Sadhvi Lakshmi Jyoti narrated the story of Ram-Sita’s marriage.

Bal Sadhvi narrated the incident

Children gave cultural presentations

Children gave cultural presentations

The storyteller said that Sadhvi Lakshmi said that the bow of Lord Shiva was kept in the court of King Janak. One day, while cleaning the house, Sita picked it up and put it in another place. The king vowed that Sita would be married to the one who puts the string on this bow. He fixed the date of Swayamvar and sent invitations to all the kings and emperors for marriage. All the people who came there tried to lift the bow one by one, but no one got success in it. By the order of the Guru, when Shri Ram started lifting the bow and started offering it, it broke. After this, Sita and Ram got married with pomp. As Mother Sita garlanded Prabhuram, similarly the deities started showering flowers on him.
Devotees dance on hymns
, In this sequence, the devotees were forced to dance by reciting hymns to the tune of music in the voice of Bal Sadhvi Lakshmi Jyoti ji. Today’s hosts were Dr. Kavinder Chauhan and Anita Chauhan. Aditya Kajla, Brijbir Singh, Sanjay Sharma, SK Vadhera, Arvind Gupta, Ratanveer Singh, Anil Anand, Anu, Reena Kajla, Anju, Nargis, Renu, Nupur, Preeti, Geeta, Jyoti along with hundreds of devotees. Enjoyed Ram Katha.

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