The imperfect reality

Nature not only has the power to mesmerize humans, but also extends them the learning opportunities by revealing facts. Although society has transformed to signify only the organized outlook, in individual capacity we equally embrace the disorganized spread of nature’s beauty. On the one hand, we visit places, spends thousands of dollars to imbue nature’s appeasing effect of unevenness, and also teach our kids to learn the art of visualizing that. On the other hand, we set rules, ways and patterns for organized conduct at work or in person, even create systems to only, accept evenly laid out behavior.

Diversity is the essence of mother nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space); not only as the face but also as it’s character. She has all shades of colors; The dark color of soils augments as much beauty as subtle or black. The soil, the sand, the gravel, the pastures, the desert spells splendor when we see them together. The mountains have different shapes and textures, whereas the rivers differ from each other in terms of flow, riverbed, color.

As her character, mother nature keeps taking pressure but when this mounts beyond limit, she vents the heat out as lava. She keeps absorbing wet to keep the plain intact, but when she gets too heavy to absorb, she surrenders, break down and let the water flow, as rain. She allows people to satiate their desire for aesthetics by letting them create structures on itself. Sometimes, there are interruptions inside it, and to maintain equanimity it shakes, causing physical damage to innocent inhabitants by devastating their homes, families and lives. Its ironical that nature’s rightful desire to maintain its tranquility ruins life and property.

The way beauty of nature prevails in unevenness; similarly, the beauty of humans, prevails in its imperfections. However, as a society we have created the systems to carve it in the ways deemed suitable by few, for its physical appearance and disposition. A superior acceptability is prevalent for a particular color, shape, height, voice, hair and other features. Likewise, there are fixed ways of conduct in society, which are specifically defined separately for men and women. Women are supposed to be behaved; humble, polite, accepting, handling home – with or without being employed, objectified; allowed to weep, get emotional but should not be loud and shout. Men are expected to be dominating, leaders, financially stable; earn money to provide financial support to family, allowed to display anger, allowed to use women for self-satisfaction (though this has changed legally and not socially), supposed to drink, neither permitted to weep nor get emotional; however, could misbehave.

Unfortunately, it is a misnomer to address these self-created rules as culture. In fact, our culture is represented best by the ways we accept everything in totality, not only for its good, but also for its bad. Whenever there is a natural calamity, such as floods, society acknowledges that as an act of nature and takes measures for its future protection, too. However, they never stopped the flow of river. Mother nature by the virtue of its altruism, creates calmness by defining alternative river routes for future. This association of mutual trust and independence defines our culture in true sense.

Hence, in accordance with our acceptability, we should embrace the imperfection in humans as an act of nature. We should endure evenness and unevenness, concurrently. Society should not draft the rules for an individual’s way of living but allow the self-controlled culture to prevail, in continuation to our inherent affection for uneven nature. To reaffirm this ethos, we should also start treating children as an individual with their own thoughts, and in times to come we will see the transformation of society to an independent and self-controlled one.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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