The incident happened 14 years ago in Muzaffarnagar’s village Rudkali, there was a rivalry regarding keeping the transformer. The incident happened 14 years ago in Muzaffarnagar’s village Rudkali, there was animosity about keeping the transformer.

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Special SC-ST Prevention Court in Muzaffarnagar has sentenced 3 years imprisonment to 6 convicts for assaulting Dalits. The court has also imposed a fine of Rs 18,000 on all the culprits. This incident that happened 14 years ago was the result of the enmity created by placing the transformer in the street.

People returning after beating the direction were beaten up

Special Public Prosecutors Yashpal Singh and Sahdev told that Amit, Janeshwar and Joni of Dalit society were returning from the forest on the morning of June 28, 2008, in village Roorkali of Bhopa police station area. Asjad, Naimuddin, Dr. Usman, Mohd. Qamar and Irfan and Saida etc. stopped them. After which, using caste-indicative words, everyone was beaten up with sticks and injured. In this case, the police started investigation by registering a case against the accused under serious sections on the complaint of Amit son Ramchandar of village Roorkali. The matter was discussed by CO Vikas Kumar. After which charge sheet was filed in the court against all the 6 accused.

There was a rivalry about keeping the transformer

According to the prosecution, people from the Dalit community wanted a transformer to be installed in their street in village Roorkali. While the accused had kept the transformer in the buggy, refusing to do so. There was animosity between the two sides over this matter. After which a day later, the accused had assaulted the Dalits returning from Disha Shoch.

Special SC-ST Court gave the verdict

Special Public Prosecutor Yashpal Singh said that the trial of the incident was heard by the Judge Jamshed Ali of the Special SC-ST Prevention Act Court. He told that the prosecution presented 6 witnesses in the court in this case. Told that after listening to the arguments of both the sides, the court ordered all the 6 accused Asjad, Naeemuddin, Usman, Mohd. Convicted Qamar and Irfan and Saida were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

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