The instructions given by the Joint Director of Education of Aligarh Board. Joint Education Director of Aligarh Division gave instructions to the principals, the photo will be sent to the department

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This picture is of Director of Education Dr. Mukesh Chand. He is seen in a white shirt.

Biometric attendance will now be done in all secondary schools and inter colleges of Aligarh division. Biometric attendance will start from this month. For this, the Divisional Joint Director of Education has issued instructions to the Principals of State Inter Colleges.

Biometric attendance is being arranged in all government institutions as per the instructions of the government. Under which this system is also being implemented in the schools and colleges of the Education Department. For this, JD Secondary Education had also given instructions by holding a meeting of the principal.

During the inspection, JD also asked the problems of the students

During the inspection, JD also asked the problems of the students

Photo of biometric machine will be sent

JD Secondary Education Dr. Mukesh Chand directed that all the principals should make arrangements for immediate biometric attendance in their colleges. The machine should be installed in the colleges and its photo should be sent to the Joint Director’s office. After which this report will be sent to the Directorate.

This system will be implemented in all the secondary schools, inter-colleges as well as in Sanskrit schools of the department. Principals of all institutions and their representatives attended the JD meeting. After this he was told that he should update all the information related to the school on the U-Diaz portal. He can get the login ID and password from the BSA of his district.

Action will be taken if dirt is found in the institutions

Principal Sheelendra Kumar said that the Joint Director of Education, Secondary also inspected the educational institution and state library of Aligarh. Along with this, he also inspected the ongoing coaching for the preparation of competitive examinations in Malviya Library. During this time there was dirt here.

After which JD has issued instructions to all the institutions that the educational institutions should be cleaned regularly. Do not get dirt in any institution. If any kind of negligence is seen in this, then strict action will be taken against the in-charge of the concerned institution.

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