The lock was opened by a Muslim sitting outside on the policeman’s sleep; Four teams were searching. The lock was opened by a Muslim sitting outside on the policeman’s sleep; Four teams were searching

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On Thursday, both the miscreants who had escaped from the lockup of Chausana police post in Una, were arrested by the police late in the night. One of the miscreants who escaped is a resident of Chausana. The second is a resident of nearby village Kunda district Saharanpur. The police arrested both the accused within 24 hours.

Gufran and Raheesh alias Kala were caught planning the robbery. Both had escaped from the post yesterday afternoon.

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In this way the accused had escaped from the lock-up
According to the police, the duty was under the supervision of policeman Yogendra. Both the accused were in lock-up. Apart from this, another accused who was brought to the post in connection with the escape of the girl was sitting outside the lock-up. During this, when Yogind fell asleep, the three accused got the lock of the lock-up opened by the accused sitting outside in connivance. Then all three fled.

20 thousand reward was announced on both the accused
A reward of Rs 20,000 each was announced on the absconding accused. Four teams were formed for his arrest. Inspector Harish Kumar Rajput, in-charge of the station said that the absconding accused have been arrested by the SOG and the police from the police station area. Police said that Gufran and Raheesh have a criminal history. There are three cases registered against Gurfan in police station Jhinjhana, while Raheesh has about 9 cases registered at police station Jhinjhana. At present, the action is being taken.

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