The marriage took place in this lockdown, but for three and a half months, the wife was in the maternal house, the father said that there was a debate on the phone at night, also the social note | The marriage took place in lockdown, but the wife was in the maternal house for three and a half months, the father said; There was a debate on the phone in the night, the Varanasi police took fingerprints

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  • The Marriage Took Place In This Lockdown, But For Three And A Half Months, The Wife Was In The Maternal House, The Father Said That There Was A Debate On The Phone At Night, Also The Social Note

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Deceased Arun Kumar Patel. (file photo)

Arun Kumar Patel alias Chandan, a 27-year-old from Varanasi, hanged himself in a room today. No social letter was also found from the spot. In the same year, the marriage took place on 7 May in lockdown and the wife went to her maternal home after 15 days. For three and a half months, his wife did not come from the maternal home. The family told that since then he lived with the family in a depressed mood for a long time. Chandan had a fight during a phone conversation with someone after dinner. It is suspected that after that he has taken such a step. In the Chandan Nagar Colony of Chitaipur police station area in Varanasi is the house of sandalwood of Hanuman temple. The police, who reached the information of the hanging, are also collecting evidence of fingerprints by starting investigation and interrogation.

After having dinner, Chandan went to sleep in the room.

Chandan was the eldest of the two sons of Shivkumar Patel, who lived in Chandan Nagar Colony. The father told that on Sunday night, everyone slept after having food including sandalwood. Chandan’s room did not open for a long time in the morning. Mother knocked on the door several times, but got no answer. When I looked from the window, sandalwood was hanging with the help of a fan. The mother became unconscious and the senses of the family members were blown away. When there was chaos in the house, the people around also reached. After breaking the door, people pushed down the dead sandalwood hanging from the rope. After this, the family immediately informed the police and ambulance. Chitaipur outpost in-charge Arjun said that the reason behind the suicide could not be ascertained. Police said that the deceased police have called Finger Print and Field Unit on the spot for investigation. Police is trying to find out the reason behind the suicide. The family members said that the marriage took place in lock down.

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