The monkey reached CHC Jagdishpur, opened the bottle of glucose from the mouth and picked it up and started drinking. Monkey reached CHC Jagdishpur, opened glucose bottle from mouth and started drinking

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Deputy CM and Health Minister Brijesh Pathak is making efforts to bring the health system back on track in Uttar Pradesh. Often, from the capital Lucknow to the districts’ hospitals and CHCs, he kept checking the system by doing surprise inspections. But there are people of the department who are not deterred from being careless. This is what the video that came out from Jagdishpur CHC in Amethi is telling. Here a monkey has been found drinking with a bottle of glucose.

Many Minute till walked drama

The health system in Amethi can be gauged from the fact that where patients have to bring glucose to injections, syringes and medicines from outside, the same government medicines are now being used by animals. A monkey reaches the Jagdishpur Community Health Center premises. Comes out with a bottle of glucose and gives himself strength by drinking it leisurely. Hardly anyone can tell how healthy the monkey was from this glucose, but it has been decided that the health department is definitely ill.

A monkey opens a bottle of glucose from its mouth.

A monkey opens a bottle of glucose from its mouth.

Two day First hee health Minister Of Happened Was passing

The condition of this health is in the district when exactly two days ago, after a surprise inspection from Varanasi, Deputy CM and Health Minister Brijesh Pathak passed through Jagdishpur for Lucknow. Jagdishpur CHC is also on the road. In such a situation, if the checking had been done, then perhaps the pole of such negligence would have been exposed two days ago.

Let us tell you that just a fortnight ago, a case had come to the notice of Musafirkhana and Amethi CHC that doctors were prescribing medicines from outside to the patients. In such a situation, the big question is when medicines are available for animals then why not for humans.

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