The older brother’s indecent comment on the younger brother’s wife; Lathis fiercely, half a dozen injured | The elder brother made a scathing comment on the younger’s wife; Lathis lashed, half a dozen injured

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Lathi poles were fiercely fought between two brothers in Chimirchha village late Friday evening over a property dispute. Half a dozen people were injured in it.

  • There was a tussle between the brothers over the partition of the farm and the house
  • Violent video of violence in the village went viral

Lathi-poles were fiercely fought between two parties in Chhimarcha village of Kari police station area of ​​Kaushambi district in Uttar Pradesh late on Friday evening. Half a dozen people from both sides were injured in the incident. Those who have been admitted to the district hospital for treatment by the police. The dispute behind the dispute is about the partition of the house and farm between the brothers, which had been going on for a long time. It is being told that the elder brother had made indecisive remarks on the younger brother’s wife in front of the people of the village, after which lathi-poles went on between the two families. Whose video is going viral on social media. However, the local police station took the accused from both sides into custody. According to the information, the family of Mishri Lal and three sons Mohan Lal, Swaroop, Shugga live in Chhimarchha village. The father has distributed his property to the sons as he lives. Disputes arose between Mohan Lal and Sugga over partition and occupation in the house since the partition.

Elder brother beat wife of younger brother after that

Some guests came to Mohan Lal’s house on Friday evening. Seeing the family of his elder brother Sugga, he said some abusive words to Mohan’s wife. Due to which there was fierce fighting between the two families. In which Ajay Babu, Rajan Babu, Mukesh, Laxminia, Parrot and Chhotu of Mohan Lal Paksha are injured. On the form of the Sugga Paksha, Anil and Rakesh are said to be injured. The injured have been admitted to the district hospital for treatment. Where the condition of the injured remains stable according to the doctors.

Kaluuiya, Mohan Lal’s wife, told that on Friday evening, father-in-law Mishri Lal’s sister’s son, Parrot and Chhotu, came from Mahevaghat village, Andawa village. Seeing whom his eldest son Sugga and his children started abusing and using indecent language from the people of the village. Contested this with Kaluia. After which Jeth Sugga, Swaroop and their children came to his house with sticks and started beating.

Inspector-in-charge Karari Ashok Kumar said that the police force sent to the district hospital sent the injured on the information of the assault in the village. The Sugga side has pledged against Mohan Lal. Which is being investigated. The investigation so far has revealed that there is a dispute between the two sides over the division of farm and house. In which indecisive remarks by one party on the woman of the other side provoked controversy.


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