The police arrested the accused hiding in the straw cell. Police arrested the accused hiding in the straw cell

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In Mau Mansoorpur village of Safipur Unnao Safipur Kotwali area, there was a furore among the family members after seeing the dead body of a 50-year-old villager in a bloodied condition on a cot. Additional SP including Kotwali Police reached the spot.

When the police searched for the accused youth, he was found hiding in the straw cell of his house with a sharp weapon. The police took the accused into custody. Taking the dead body in possession, sent it to the district hospital for the PM. Additional SP said that a case is being registered on the complaint of the family members.

In Mau Mansoorpur village of Kotwali area, Radha, wife of deceased Amresh’s younger brother Kesan, was washing with water on the terrace on Wednesday evening, while Sandeep son Munna, who lives in the neighborhood, was coming out. Due to some water splashing while leaving the house. Sandeep started abusing while drunk

, When Amresh refused to abusive, both of them started fighting fiercely. The matter came to a standstill, but after the intervention of the neighbors, both were pacified. In the morning, the police reached the spot on the information that the dead body was found on the cot and started investigating. When the relatives accused Sandeep of murder, the police, who reached Sandeep’s house, took him into custody with a sharp weapon, hidden in a straw cell at the back of the house.

Family members crying after the incident.

Threatened to kill in the late evening

Sandeep’s son Munna, who was drunk, had threatened to kill him by going to Amresh’s door at eight o’clock in the night, which Amresh and his family had told him to go as a joke, Sandeep was furious.

dead body found on the bed in the morning

Kesan, the younger brother of the deceased Amresh, told that as usual in the morning, when he woke up to feed the animals, he was scared to see blood near Amresh’s cot, when he went near and saw him, brother Amresh’s body was found lying in a pool of blood on the cot. Hearing the cries, there was a furore among the other family members of the house. The deceased was the third of four brothers.

deceased and accused drinking alcohol together

The villagers told that there was a deep friendship between the deceased Amresh and the accused Sandeep. Both of them often used to drink alcohol while sitting together, yesterday when both of them were fighting, Sandeep was still drunk.

what is responsible
Additional SP Shashi Shekhar Singh, who was present at the spot, said that on the information of the murder, the accused youth Sandeep and the weapon used in the murder have been taken into custody. The body is being sent to the district hospital for PM. A case of murder is being registered on the complaint of the relatives of the deceased.

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