The question raised on the fall in the rupee against the dollar, said- Indian rupee will recover against the dollar. The question raised on the fall in the rupee against the dollar, said- Indian rupee will recover against the dollar

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Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pramod Tiwari

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Pramod Tiwari attacked the BJP government fiercely. He questioned the continuous depreciation of the rupee against the dollar and termed it as a serious challenge to the national economy. In his question raised during zero hour, asked the government to tell whether the Indian rupee would be stable against the dollar till the end of Amrit Mahotsav.

MP Pramod Tiwari said that the country is celebrating Amrit Mahotsav and we are talking about pride. The Modi government will take the accountability of the devaluation of the rupee continuously even during the Amrit Mahotsav. Taking a jibe at the PM, in 2013, the Chief Minister of a state had said that when the rupee depreciates against the dollar, the country’s prestige falls.

Will the dollar fall below the age of the prime minister against the rupee?
He said that the government should tell whether the dollar will come down to the age of the Prime Minister against the rupee by the end of Amrit Mahotsav? On this question of Pramod Tiwari, the applause of the opposition lobby was also seen resonating. However, in response to Pramod’s question in defense of the Modi government, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, referring to the seniority of Pramod Tiwari in the House, was also seen clarifying the position on behalf of the government on the current financial situation.

His supporters happy with Pramod Tiwari’s question
Regarding the question raised in the Rajya Sabha by Pramod Tiwari, there was an atmosphere of fierce agitation in the lobby of the opposition and power in the house. At the same time, the faces of the Congressmen watching the proceedings at the Congress Camp office here on Rajya Sabha channel also blossomed with the question of MP Pramod Tiwari and the Finance Minister also mentioning his seniority in the House.

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