The relationship came after watching the video on YouTube, due to low height, marriage was not happening. The relationship came after watching the video on YouTube, due to low height, marriage was not happening

Shahbad (Rampur)15 minutes ago

A three-and-a-half feet YouTuber, who was troubled for marriage for ten years, found a bride of three feet in Shahbad. Both got married on Saturday night. His relationship got fixed with the fame he got from YouTube. Due to short length, both of them were not getting married. A year ago, after seeing the video on YouTube, the girl’s father contacted and fixed the relationship.

Nabeel Khan, a resident of Mohalla Farrashan in Shahbad, is a timber merchant. His 29-year-old daughter Tehseen is three feet tall. Because of which he was not getting married. For ten years he was looking for a relationship for his daughter. Nabil Khan approached Sambhal’s 34-year-old Mohammad Rehan for his daughter’s wedding a year ago after watching a video on YouTube.

Mohammad Rehan, the groom of three and a half feet.

short length was a hindrance in marriage
Nabeel Khan has five children. Daughter Tehseen is number four. All heights are more than five feet. Only Tehseen has only 3 feet. The relationship was not happening due to the short length. Due to which the whole family was worried. The family members of both were searching for a relationship for marriage for ten years.

Three feet bride Tehseen.

Three feet bride Tehseen.

A year ago the relationship was decided through YouTube

Mohammad Rehan, a resident of Sarai Tarin, Sambhal, used to make his videos on Tik Tok earlier. Where he got fame in a short time. When tik tok stopped, started making videos on youtube. A year ago, Nabil Khan saw his video on YouTube and contacted him.

YouTuber Mohammad Rehan also trades jeans

Mohammad Rehan is the fourth of five siblings. He has three brothers and two sisters. One elder brother and two sisters are married. Rehan also does the business of jeans. Tehseen Khan has studied till class 8 and Rehan till class 10. He has 14,000 followers on YouTube.

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