The school of black smoke, running tea-coffee boards, swings with a puff between the songs.Ayodhya.Hukka Bar. Rikabgang. Ayodhya Police. Up Police | Boys and girls are learning intoxicant skills, illegal hookah bars running under the guise of restaurant

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  • The School Of Black Smoke, Running Tea coffee Boards, Swings With A Puff Between The Songs.Ayodhya.Hukka Bar. Rikabgang. Ayodhya Police. Up Police

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Youth takes out smoke in the midst of drunken songs at Hookahbar in Ayodhya City

In the city of Maryada Purushottam Lord Ram, these days youth are getting addicted to drugs. In the school of drugs, boys and girls are learning the skill of removing smoke. Here are the teenagers coming in. There are many such places in Ayodhya like Guddi Bazar, Angoori Bagh, Rikabganj, Alka Tower where illegal hookah bars are running without license.
Business under the guise of restaurant-tea shop
There is a board outside the tea shop, restaurant but inside there is a hookah bar. Hundreds of boys and girls are seen puffing here. Hookah bar people are charging huge amount per minute

Puffs coming out on the pretext of coaching

Boys and girls tell in their homes that they are going for coaching but their destination is such hookah bars. Where he blows smoke while sitting with his friends. After the video of hookah bar went viral, CO City Palash Bansal told that the hookah bars which were running without license have been closed.

Police said – no crime is made

On Saturday, boys and girls started beating each other in front of one such hookah bar, after the video of the assault went viral, the police reached the spot but the police hushed up the matter. In this case, the police say that which illegal offense is made in this?

stop such hookah bars immediately

Many social organizations of Ayodhya are demanding the closure of such hookah bars.

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