The secret of success is hidden in mock tests: 3 practical things to remember to crack competitive exams

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Failures come not from making mistakes but from repeating them.

-Sir George Bernard Shaw

Crores of students take part in various competitive exams every year. The right strategy is essential for success.

Defeat will happen before victory – prepare yourself

When students start preparing for any competitive exam, the dream is to ‘win’, that is, to clear the exam and confirm their seat. Now during classes Most important is to solve ‘Mock Test’, Which brings the feel of the real exam, and becomes a time-bound practice.

That’s where the students mess up! How?

Disappointed if performance deteriorated in mock test

When the questions in the mock test start getting wrong, the students get frustrated, or panic, start doubting their preparation and their ability. Many students start thinking that nothing will happen to me because if the mock test is not done, then leave the real exam. The same applies to classroom questions – the teacher asked and you couldn’t answer, and the other gave. So you are disappointed.

And this has happened many times so you have stopped fighting (‘fight’ means trying to get ahead in the race).

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Losers are defeated by the mind, victories are won by the mind. Life teaches us that the road to success is through failure. You’ve heard it too! But young students are not able to follow even knowing this.

Remember Three Practical Things

1) Smile Don’t Cry – Smile at every question that went wrong, don’t cry – tell yourself ‘Come on, fine, I won’t make this mistake in the real exam’.

2) Analyze and learn – Instead of getting frustrated, ask yourself ‘Where did I go wrong?’ And check every wrong question twice, and get confident.

3) Commit yourself – I will not give up, I will not give up. Drop by drop I will fill the pitcher.

These three things have to be done everyday, and you have to do it, no one else will.

Now we will know in detail three big mistakes in exam preparation. Success can be easy by not repeating them.

No mistake 1: Lack of accurate identification of your strengths and weaknesses

In order to be successful, we must have an accurate idea of ​​our strengths and weaknesses. In this also it is very important to accept your weaknesses. So you have problem in understanding any topic of Maths, and only few questions from that topic are going to be asked in the exam. Make a plan by understanding in advance that you will not pay any attention to these questions in the exam, will not waste time in reading them, and use this remaining time to solve other questions better. This will be your strategic victory. Anyway, no one gets 100% of the questions right, but getting them wrong after wasting time in solving them is your loss. The same can be true for any two subjects.

No mistake 2: Not doing perfect analysis of mocks and practice tests

The second biggest mistake while preparing is not doing proper analysis of the given mock test. Merely appearing in the mock test is not enough. If there is a test of two hours, then three to four hours should be spent in its analysis. There are three types of mistakes-

(i) related to knowledge That is, such questions were wrong or missed, about which you did not have any knowledge.

(ii) Skills Based That is, you knew the concept but you made a mistake somewhere in the process of solving that question (Calculation Mistake)

(iii) Strategy related That is, keeping the order of solving right.

No mistake 3: Not applying full effort

Success is rarely achieved in work done half-heartedly. First decide what you want to do. Then put 100% in the preparation of competitive exams. Changing plans frequently without any reason, time mis-management, not finishing the exam syllabus or leaving midway are all signs of half-hearted intentions. Get the right guidance from experts. Complete the full course at least twice, give appropriate number of mocks and practice tests, analyze them properly. And be happy, keep laughing and keep moving!

Defeat will happen before victory – prepare yourself

Will show it!

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