The SIT can say in its investigation report – rape has not happened; UP police can also get a clean chit | The SIT can say in its investigation report – rape has not happened; UP police can also get a clean chit

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  • The SIT Can Say In Its Investigation Report Rape Has Not Happened; UP Police Can Also Get A Clean Chit

HathrasOne hour ago

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Aligarh ASP Avinash Singh referring to legal advice from the victim’s family.

  • Sources said that UP police may also get a clean chit

(Pramod kumar) In the Hathras case, the Yogi government has given the SIT time till October 17 to complete the investigation. The police has its own theory with the victim and the accused in the case. But according to the information received by Bhaskar, it can be proved in the investigation of the SIT that the police in the case was fully prepared and the rape was not done.

A SIT source told Bhaskar that the SIT did not find any evidence in the 10-day investigation, deposition of around 80 witnesses, forensic investigation, help of IT experts, call details, police testimony that led to rape or gang rape. Prove it to Even the presence of three of the four accused is separate from the scene.

The SIT will submit its investigation to the government in a closed envelope in due course. Now the government has to decide how to bring it forward. However, the report must admit that the police failed to stop the mob. On the day the victim died, the police could not stop the gathering of hundreds of people in the village. This lapse caused the government to grumble, while the administration had to take the decision of cremation.

However, the SIT or the police department has not yet made any statement on its behalf. The SIT team is informing the government daily about the situation. In the case of SIT investigation, the family of the victim says that we have not got justice. We are fighting for justice. Happened to our daughter, she should not be with another. The CBI investigation is being done at the behest of the accused, so we are opposing it. Which law states that the narcissist has a narco test? Get the police done if you want a test, why ours?

SIT under tight security, not even meeting

The SIT has made the Hathras police line the investigative headquarters. Only policemen are being given entry into the police line. Constituent Vivek Gautam, who is involved in SIT security, says that only those policemen who are doing the job can enter the police line till the investigation of the case. The 3-member SIT has Home Secretary Bhagwan Swarup, DIG Chandraprakash, PAC Poonam as the commander. About 150 officer-employees are deployed to help them. Hathras SP Vineet Jaiswal is also with the SIT team full time. The purpose of the SIT is to get to the bottom of the case. The Yogi government has also called for a CBI inquiry.


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