The solution of ongoing farmer agitation

With the first bill, the government wants private players or cooperates shall build Mandi in competition with APMC mandies ultimately abolishing APMC mandies and thus effecting on MSP purchases by the government.

Our Solution to this Problem:

A farmer may demand that present APMC mandies yards maybe split into two parts in one part the present management of mandies boards may work and in the second part district vise democratically elected framers management body may be formed after every four years election and this body may run as a parallel mandies on the almost same rates of taxes duties. Followings are the only basic fundamentals ides, how these bodies shall work and full the constitution can be written with mutual understanding.

(1)  This body shall also act as an aggregator between farmers and private buyers or companies and try their best to get the best possible price for the farmers and purchasers on the basis of the minimum price calculation, also keeping in view of demand and supply and previous year’s rates during the same seasons by training their registered commission agents.

(2)  This body shall also act as an aggregator between farmers and private players who want to enter into contract farming agreements and provides a set of performs of conditions to farmers and private players on which they can reach agreements and also remain responsible for fair deals for both sides and charge service changes from them.

(3)  In this way the source of the income of the farmers’ bodies from the above two points may also be invested in developments modern warehousing for grains for the government as well as for farmers on a rental basis.

(4)  The income from the 3rd point may also be invested in finding out the most efficient and the modern way of farming keeping in view of the Indian conditions so that our farmers’ products become competitive and cheaper in the word market to boosting the export.

(5)  Governments have to strengthen the FCI, so that MSP purchase should be continued for PDS and other government food security schemes. The government should consider MSP as the social security for our farmers.



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