The talk of being hurt by the taunt of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manu Pratap got the responsibility. The talk of being hurt by the taunt of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Manu Pratap got the responsibility

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Troubled by the uproar by student organizations at Agra’s Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, the vice-chancellor blamed his own teacher for this. Hurt by this taunt of the Vice-Chancellor, the teacher resigned from the post of Chief Proctor. The Vice-Chancellor has now given the responsibility of Chief Proctor to Manu Pratap in his place.

There was tension in the finance committee meeting
There was a meeting of the finance committee at Agra University on Wednesday. According to sources, the issue of ruckus by NSUI for the last two days also cropped up in the meeting. On this, the Vice-Chancellor took a dig at the uproar by student organizations that it is our teachers here who create ruckus. A female teacher is also included in this. No one knew for whom the Vice-Chancellor had said this.

However, after this sarcasm, the Chief Proctor of the University Pradeep Sridhar sent his resignation to the Vice Chancellor. His resignation was accepted by the Vice Chancellor. From the post of Chief Proctor, Prof. Various speculations are being made after Sridhar’s resignation. Sources say that one of the students who created ruckus in the past was a student of KMI. In such a situation, a sarcasm was made on the teacher of KMI that you are very popular among the students.

Pro. Manu Pratap became the new Chief Proctor
The Vice-Chancellor replaced Pradeep Sridhar with Prof. of the Department of Computer Science. Manu Pratap Singh has been made Chief Proctor. NSUI has protested against the appointment of Manu Pratap Singh as Chief Proctor. He says that Prof. Manu Pratap is associated with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. A teacher who is not associated with any organization should be made Chief Proctor.

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