The triple murder took place in a dispute over 1,000 bighas of land; Four accused transferred to different jails. Triple murder took place in the dispute of 01 thousand bighas of land, four accused including the main mastermind Sureshpal were transferred to different jails.

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  • Triple Murder Took Place In The Dispute Of 01 Thousand Bighas Of Land, Four Accused Including The Main Mastermind Sureshpal Were Transferred To Different Jails.

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This photo is from Sunday. The main accused former Pradhan Sureshpal Tomar arrested by Faridpur police.

The gang war going on in Govindpur village of Bareilly over 1000 bighas of Khadar land may not reach the jail. To prevent this clash, the administration has taken a new exercise. So far 19 people have been arrested. The main accused from both sides have also been sent to jail. The jail administration has transferred the four accused to another jail.

According to the jail administration, Punjab resident Sardar Paramveer has been transferred to Shahjahanpur Jail. Vipin, the son of the main accused and former Pradhan Sureshpal, has been sent to Badaun Jail, while another son Vikas has been transferred to Pilibhit Jail. While the fourth accused Surajpal has been transferred to Rampur Jail.

The triple murder took place on January 11

Govindpur village of Faridpur police station area of ​​Bareilly is a border village of Bareilly and Badaun district. Here, an old gang war is going on between the two districts regarding one thousand bighas of land on the banks of the river. Both sides claim their own land.

On January 11, Sureshpal Tomar, a resident of Badayun, fired heavily along with his sons and 20 others, killing three people.

possession of land became a problem

It was told by the accused Suresh Pal Singh Tomar that my family and I have about 250 bighas of land across the river. Some of my land is being occupied and cultivated by Sardar Paramveer.

I made a plan to vacate the same field. I talked to Subhash Pathak and Arvind Pathak, they also told me about their cooperation and also talked about spending.

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