The truck crushed the young man and woman riding a scooty; There was a jam for several kilometers. Unknown vehicle crushed young man and woman riding Activa, died on the spot

Agra3 hours ago

Deceased Deepak Shakya and Pooja Shakya – file photo

On the Agra-Delhi highway, near the Yamuna bridge, a truck ran over a young man and a woman going from Activa. Both died on the spot in the accident. After the accident, there was a jam on the highway for several kilometers. Police sent the dead bodies for postmortem.

According to the information, the matter is related to the police station area. A little before the Waterworks intersection of the Agra-Delhi Highway, a man was carrying a woman on Activa number- UP 80 ET 4534 coming from Rambagh side. Meanwhile, the truck hit him. The driver fled with the vehicle. Police is collecting information.

There was a long jam after the accident on the highway

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The deceased woman has been identified as Pooja Shakya, 24, resident of Balkeshwar Lohia Nagar and the youth has been identified as Deepak Shakya, resident of Kamla Nagar Panchayat Pachhaya. The woman was a 4th class employee in a car showroom located in Nunihai while the youth used to sell vegetables. Both are said to be relatives.

After the accident, there was a long queue of vehicles coming from Firozabad. The jam went on for several kilometers. Police has started traffic by sending the dead bodies for postmortem. During this, there is a jam for about 40 minutes.

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