The truck overturned on the expressway due to the driver falling asleep; Death of the driver, the condition of the worker is critical | The truck overturned on the expressway due to the driver falling asleep; Driver’s death, Khalasi’s condition critical

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  • The Truck Overturned On The Expressway Due To The Driver Falling Asleep; Death Of The Driver, The Condition Of The Worker Is Critical

AgraOne hour ago

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A truck overturned on the Agra Expressway late Monday. The driver was killed in the accident while the operator was badly injured.

  • It is being told that the driver had an accident due to sleep
  • Police reached the hospital late at night after receiving information

Agra was going from Alwar to Lucknow on Milestone on 34 of Lucknow Expressway. In which lime was loaded, the truck overturned and fell into the ditch. Due to which the truck driver died after being buried under the truck. The same Khalasi was injured. Police reached the spot till late in the night.

According to the information received, truck number RJ 02GB 1558, which had lime, on 34.200 milestone of Agra Lucknow Expressway. The driver was driven by Asif Khan son Islam Khan resident of Alwar Rajasthan. And along with the operator Jesus F Khan son Nasru Khan, resident of Alwar, Rajasthan was sitting.

Police started relief and rescue operations and sent the injured to the hospital

Due to the driver falling asleep, the truck overturned uncontrollably, breaking MBCB. Due to which the driver, Asif Khan, died due to the pressure. And the operator was seriously injured. And the truck was damaged. On arrival, Inspector Pradeep Kumar arrived on the spot with the force, while Eupida ambulance, eagle, PNC safety and crane reached the spot and sent the injured for treatment from Eupida ambulance while doing relief work and the deceased was taken from under the truck An attempt is being made to remove it.


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