The village came back after leaving the wife’s maternal house, the health deteriorated after drinking alcohol | After leaving the wife’s maternal house came back to the village, health deteriorated after drinking alcohol

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A laborer died at home due to unknown reasons in Chitrakoot district. It is being told, Ramkaran’s son Ramkishore, resident of Kapsethi police station, Kotwali Karvi, used to feed his family by driving an e-rickshaw. He went to Ramghat to drop his wife with an e-rickshaw in the festival of Holi.

After coming back from there, the e-rickshaw was parked with its owner. When he did not return home till evening on the day of Holi festival, when his old mother Jagaraniya started to inquire, some people of the locality told that Ramkaran is lying on a drain in the street of Dr. Shiv Prasad.

Hearing this, Jagaraniya’s senses were blown away and she reached there with two or four people of the locality, when Ramkaran was lying in a dying state. Local villagers called an ambulance and sent him to the district hospital. Doctors in the district hospital told that the amount of alcohol in his body is high. The treatment lasted till late in the evening and he got better. After this he came to his house sitting in a rickshaw and lay on the bed. This morning when his mother Jagraniya went to see him, he was lying under the bed.

Used to maintain by driving e-rickshaw

On this, Jagraniya informed his wife by phone and also informed the police. Ramkaran has 2 sons. He used to feed his family by driving an e-rickshaw. The police reached the spot and got the body sent for post-mortem.

In this regard, Kotwali in-charge Rajiv Singh says that the cause of death is not yet clear. The whole matter will be clear after the post-mortem. There is a discussion in the village that Ramkaran never used to drink alcohol.

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