The wasted years, mushrooming colleges of Assam

Ramesh was that average kind of student who had least interest in studies. His school days was spent playing gully cricket and hanging out with friends. Coming from a low middle-class family he did not have other resources also to fall back on. After passing out from 10 th exam with much difficulty like everyone else in the small town he also joined the local college.

College years also passed rapidly, Like others he joined into the arts stream and completed five years in college. What he learnt in those five years is some broken English and some irrelevant info about some nondescript subjects like sociology and political science etc.. All he had to do in those college years is to spend few hours each day in college classroom. Rest of day was for him. he spent his day chatting with his friends and wondering in the town with friends. Some of his friends joined the local studentโ€™s association. Spending time on the association has become like a serious work for them.

Soon the college years also passe and he managed to pass the exams. Now he is in prime of his youth. Some of his friends now joined Postgraduate University to do masters in all kinds of subjects no matter what their interest are. Some even went on to do PHDs on their subjects, doing PHDs only for the sake of having a doctorate degree no matter whether those thesis or research is of any use at all. While doing research in any US university is a serious business. When someone is doing research in a US university that means he might even go on to actually innovate some new things which will be useful to others. One recent example is the Oxford University vaccine. No wonder Indian Universities failed to produce a single Noble in any of the fields. While in Assan we can forget Nobel, hardly there is any worth research happening in anywhere.

Coming back to Ramesh, He has completed his college and he has become completely unemployable now. He has not learnt any practical or life skills in his college. Since he is a college graduate now, he has that feeling that he has to get a government job now. So next five years he went from pillar to post to find a government job. This is a very common situation in Assam. All these kinds of colleges mushroomed in every small towns and villages of Assam. In a recent announcement the flamboyant state education minister declared that he would open a degree college in each block of the state and a University in every district.

Already the state is filled up with colleges in almost every town. All sorts of Universities have come up in the state. All it managed to produce is countless number of unemployable youths who have wasted their valuable years of life. This also changed their perspective about whole life. Everyone who did college wants a job.

Ifs itโ€™s a government job like teacher, railways etc. then itโ€™s a like a dream come true. Assam currently has millions of unemployable youths who are in the doldrums of life. The spirit of entrepreneurship is very much killed in those institutions. Itโ€™s not about learning different vocational skills which are actually needed in todayโ€™s world. rather the main issue is mindset which is changed because of this education system.

With the new announcement that more colleges and universities will open obviously all the students will want to do is to somehow land up in a college teachersโ€™ job. This whole process will result in more students who will run after a job. They will be less risk takers who wonโ€™t want to get out the comfort zone .While the new central education policy empathizes more on developing the mindset of entrepreneurship and risk taking in student here its almost opposite of what is happening . Instead of making students more risk taking all it will manage to do is wasting valuable years of life .



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