The woman took the adopted daughter back from her friend, the angry couple hatched a plan to take revenge. The woman took the adopted daughter back from her friend, the angry couple hatched a plan to take revenge

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There was a stir in the police department due to false information about the kidnapping of a one and a half month old girl from Naubasta bypass. On information, the police of Naubasta Hanumant Vihar police station strictly inquired and investigated, then the whole matter came to light. It was learned that a woman had adopted a girl child to her friend, now she took it back without informing. The couple had given false information to implicate.

If the woman had a third child as a daughter, she had given her to a friend.

Barra is not the child of Pinky Pal, a resident of Harjender Nagar. Her in-laws are in Shivrajpur, but she currently lives in her maternal home. Komal Thakur, a resident of Ghatampur, lived on rent next to Pinky’s maternal uncle. Both had a good friendship. Komal already had two daughters and a month and a half ago another daughter was born. Due to this, Komal had adopted her third daughter Pinky. After a month and a half, on Saturday, Komal called Pinky to meet her at Naubasta bypass. After this said that give my baby girl, mother is missing a lot. Will send it back after two hours. After taking the child, Komal did not return and then she refused to return the girl on the phone.

This enraged Pinky and her husband Sushali hatched a conspiracy and gave false information to the Hanumant Vihar police station that her milkmaids had kidnapped the baby girl. When the police reached Pinky’s house and investigated, the truth was revealed. After this the police heaved a sigh of relief. Now the police has contacted Komal and called her for questioning.

DCP himself came to investigate, the couple broke up during interrogation

DCP South Pramed Kumar said that on the information about the kidnapping of the girl, he himself reached the spot to investigate. When the couple was questioned, both were changing statements frequently. This raised suspicion. Then asked in which hospital the daughter was bornโ€ฆ? What did you come to do at Naubasta bypassโ€ฆ? If you know the abductors before, then why ran away with the childโ€ฆ? In this way, when the police asked dozens of questions to the couple, both themselves got entangled in their conspiracy. After this the couple told the truth.

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