The young man told the reason for the suicide on the mobile, the police started the investigation afresh. Youth told the reason for suicide on mobile, police started afresh investigation. Kanpur

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The youth hanged himself in the Colonelganj area of ​​the city. He himself made the video of this entire incident on his mobile. By turning on the recording of the mobile, first made the noose of hanging. After hanging on the gallows, when the noose around his neck was loose, he tightened it with his hands. The young man is dead. The video of the suicide has surfaced two days after his death. After the video of the death surfaced, the police have started a fresh investigation.

Police started investigation on the video of the deceased
In the initial investigation, a domestic dispute was revealed to the Colonelganj police as the reason behind the suicide. But now taking the statement received on the mobile of the deceased youth as the basis, the police has started investigation afresh. The voice of the deceased is not very clear in the video that has gone viral. The deceased has clarified the cause of his death in a 55-second video.

case is two days old
Monu, a youth living near Barf Khana under Colonelganj police station area, hanged himself under suspicious circumstances. At the same time, the relatives informed the police after seeing the body hanging on the gallows. After which the police reached the spot and took the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem. This incident of suicide is 2 days old whose video is going viral.

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