There is a problem due to network connectivity week, people go to Nepal and work | There is a problem due to network connectivity week, people go to Nepal and work

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Siddharth University will get WiFi facility.

The problem of network connectivity in Siddhartha University, Kapilvastu will be resolved in the new year in Siddharthanagar. WiFi facility will be available in the university campus. With this, the students of the country and abroad will get the facility to connect with their family and friends online. The path of online education will also become easier.

Once the system is set, the problem will go away

Internet connectivity is poor in Siddharth University and surrounding areas on the Indo-Nepal border. People from border areas go to Nepal to talk to their loved ones. Even to do some search, people have to go two-four km away.

In view of this problem, fiber connection has been taken, which will get faster speed at 310 megabytes. The cable has reached the university campus, internet facility will be better once the system is set up.

Online tender has been placed

The Chief Controller of the University, Prof. Deepak Mishra told that soon there will be WiFi facility in Siddharth University. Online tender has been done for the purchase of equipment. Internet facility will get better as soon as the goods are received. More than 1000 students of 14 departments of the university will get better facilities.

Online classes for research and other students and finding the facts of research will be facilitated. Internet has to be taken along with books to find facts in various subjects. With the availability of WiFi facility, the education system in the university will be better.

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