There is no one in the tusk of thorns in Chitrakoot assembly, Manikpur | There is no one in the tusk of thorns in Chitrakoot assembly, Manikpur

01/20/2022 03:5039 minutes ago

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Political activities have intensified in Chitrakoot district regarding Chitrakoot assembly elections 2022, although elections are to be held in the fifth phase in Chitrakoot and Manikpur Vidhan Sabhas of this district, despite this, political parties are busy in setting up the electoral equation, in which Manikpur BJP MLA Anand is currently the most under siege. Shukla is getting

However, Anand Shukla, who was elected from Manikpur in the 2019 assembly by-elections, has emerged as an influential and grassroots leader, due to this, not only in the opposition parties but also within the BJP, he has also been prepared on all his political.

Whether the work was done in the spirit of service among the residents of Manikpur area during the Corona period or efforts made from the district level to the state capital Lucknow level to solve the problems of the people, the Manikpur MLA left his political husbands far behind. He has set an example of popularity, due to which his supporters, especially the youth, have become a fan of his work in every village. According to Anand Shukla, in view of the increasing influence of him, it is considered certain to contest in the Manikpur assembly, yet his political rivals are trying hard to get the seat in the account of coalition pulses or get ticket to any other person. . After survey in dozens of villages of Dainik Bhaskar Vidhan Sabha, it was found that if Anand Shukla came out from BJP in the assembly, then the candidate to give competition to him has not yet come forward. Congress fielded women candidate Ranjana Barati Lal Pandey and Aam Aadmi Party Avneesh Tripathi in Manikpur assembly

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