There was a dispute regarding keeping cow dung on the way. There was a dispute over keeping cow dung on the way, death due to hitting on the head with a wooden stick

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The incident is of Hardi village of Sahajanwa area.

A woman killed a woman in a land dispute in Gorakhpur. There was a dispute between the old enmity between the two on Wednesday regarding the removal of cow dung lying on the way. First the two clashed with each other. At the same time, a woman hit another woman on the head with a wooden plank, due to which she fainted. He died on the way to the hospital.

Murderer husband and wife absconding
The incident is of Hardi village of Sahajanwa area. On the other hand, after the incident, the woman who attacked ran away with her husband. The two women were bandaged to each other. The police reached the information, took the dead body in possession and sent it for postmortem and got involved in the investigation of the case.

Sahajanwa police station in-charge Nitin Radhunath Srivastava said, “A case of murder has been registered against the husband and wife on the complaint of Ramesh, the son of the deceased woman. Soon both the accused will be arrested.”

The woman had put cow dung on the disputed land
Rajman, a resident of Hardi in Sahajanwan area, is having a land enmity with his own Pattidar Kripal. Both the families live next door to each other. The name of both the women is also Sona. On Wednesday morning Rajman’s wife Sona Devi (60) found cow dung lying on the disputed land in front of the door.

hit on the head with a wooden plank
Seeing this, Kripal’s wife Sona was pressing since morning to remove the cow dung. There was a dispute between the two women regarding this matter. The argument that lasted for some time turned into a fight. Then Kripal’s wife hit the elderly Sona Devi on the head with a wooden plank kept nearby. Due to which she was seriously injured.

died on the way
Meanwhile, someone informed the police about this. Kripal and his wife fled on being informed about the arrival of the police. Police reached the spot and sent the injured woman to CHC Sahajanwan. When the condition became serious, the doctors first referred him to the district hospital and then to the medical college. But, meanwhile the woman died on the way. Apart from husband Rajjan, the deceased Sona Devi is survived by a 30 year old son Ramesh. Who is married

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