There was a dispute regarding the dance in the marriage, during the rescue the bullet was fired. There was a dispute over the dance in the marriage, during the rescue the bullet was fired

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Barati shot Barati with a pistol while dancing at a wedding ceremony in Antwada village of Khatauli Kotwali area of ​​Muzaffarnagar. Due to critical condition, the injured was referred to the government hospital, but he died before reaching the hospital. There was chaos in the village during the incident. The police administration was stirred by the information.

There was a dispute during dancing
The marriage procession of Sanjeev, a resident of Antwada village, had come from Karimpur Bhatoda village of Meerut on Wednesday. Baratis were dancing at the wedding. During the dance, there was an argument among the baratis over some issue. While dancing, a baraati shot Satish son of Jiladar, a resident of Bahsuma of Meerut police station area, with a pistol. The bullet hit Satish in the stomach. As soon as the bullet hit, Satish bled and fell on the ground.

Relative of the deceased youth girl’s side
During the incident, there was chaos in the processions. The injured youth was admitted to the hospital for treatment. Where he was referred to the Higher Center due to critical condition, but the young man died before reaching the hospital. As soon as the information about the shooting was received, there was a stir in the police administration. The deceased youth is said to be a relative of the girl’s side.

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