There was a dispute with the mother over buying a bullet, she was hit on the head with an iron rod. There was a dispute with the mother over buying a bullet, she was hit in the head with an iron rod

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SP City Rahul Bhati disclosing the incident.

Police disclosed the murder of an elderly woman in Bareilly on January 17. Arresting the woman’s son, the iron rod used in the murder has been recovered. Disclosing the incident, SP City Rahul Bhati revealed that the son had a dispute with his mother over buying a bullet, in which the son hit the mother’s head with an iron rod. After that the son left the house and reached home after two hours, the neighbors told that the mother was found soaked in blood. The murder was confirmed in the post-mortem.

elderly woman living alone at home

This is a file photo of Farida Begum.

This is a file photo of Farida Begum.

Farida (70 years), wife of late Munir Khan, a resident of Kohrapir of Thana Prem Nagar area, lived alone. The son of an elderly woman told that at 5 pm on January 17, after having tea with his mother, he went to Lalla Market, his rented house. I had some work in the market. When I returned home after some time i.e. at 8 o’clock, I saw my mother lying near the kitchen covered in blood.

Son reached home again after 2 hours

Gave this information to the people around. People around informed 112 police. Police reached the spot and started investigation by taking the dead body into custody. The old man’s son has denied any enmity with anyone. On the death of the woman, the police investigated the forensic team to collect the right evidence. On information, SP City Rahul Bhati and CO also reached the spot. In the whole matter, the police was engaged in getting information from the son as well, but the son was repeatedly raising the suspicion of murder on an outsider.

son confessed murder
DIG Akhilesh Chaurasia appointed SP City Rahul Bhati for the disclosure of the murder in Bareilly. In which CO first Shweta Yadav was also engaged in case workout after investigation. Police arrested Afsay Khan alias Lucky’s son Late. Arrested Moin Khan. The accused son told that for many days I was demanding from my mother Farida to buy Bullet motorcycle. But my mother was refusing.

On the day of the incident also, there was an argument with the mother regarding the matter of buying Bullet bike. Getting angry on this thing, he hit the mother’s head with an iron bar kept in the house. In which the mother had died. He left the house to defend himself, saying that the mother might have been covered in blood after falling on the floor.

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