There was a stampede among the patients, the condition of Halat was also bad. There was a stampede among the patients, Halat also remained in bad condition. Kanpur

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Ursala’s condition was like this till 9 pm.

In Kanpur’s District Hospital Ursala, water was seen everywhere in one hour of rain today. The rain water was seen flowing like a waterfall through the ceiling made on the roof. Seeing this, there was panic among the patients admitted there, while the attendants were also seen forced to run away from a ward with their patients. At the same time, water was filled from top to bottom in the wards. This situation is when a huge amount would come from the government every year for the maintenance of the hospital. If the roof and drains of the hospital were cleaned from time to time, then this situation would not have arisen. Rain water from the roof and stairs kept filling in the wards and the responsible remained absent.

Water flowing down the stairs of Ursala Hospital.

Respondents have no answer
When we talked to Dr Anil Nigam, CMS, Ursala Hospital, he said that I am not in the hospital yet and I am not aware of it.

Power cut during operation
When it started raining there were two operations going on in Ursala. At the same time, the electricity was cut in a hurry, although the operati were not so big that they could not fast, but in spite of this one hour of rain has exposed the city hospitals.

Patients admitted in the wards had to move out
The patients admitted there were taken out. Water kept filling the wards for two hours. The Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Superintendent, Director and dressing rooms were also flooded. When the rain stopped, the water was removed and then the wards and offices were cleaned. The danger of falling of the false ceiling also arose.

Rain water filled in Hallet's ward.

Rain water filled in Hallet’s ward.

bad condition of hallet
The emergency and OPD blocks of Hallet Hospital were submerged by rain for a while. Many ambulances going to the emergency were stopped due to water. At the same time, the patients who came to the OPD also had to face a lot of problems.

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