There were 6 Omicron cases in the city till Wednesday, the number will increase further, caution is very important. Kanpur | There were 6 Omicron cases in the city till Wednesday, the number will increase further, caution is very important

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Till Wednesday there were 6 Omicron cases in the city

The third wave of corona virus has gathered pace. The changing nature of Corona has increased the difficulties for the common people as well as the doctors. Although if we look at the cases so far, this time the infection spreading is more, but its severity is much less than before. Also, according to the report released by the government on Wednesday, 6 Omicron patients were confirmed in the city. But this number may increase even more now. This was stated by CMO Dr Nepal Singh. He said that whether it is Omicron or Delta, it is not going to make much difference now because most people have got the vaccine. Also, Omicron is definitely spreading the infection but it is not very serious.

CMO Nepal Singh shared the current situation…
The Health Department is concerned about the increasing corona infection in Kanpur. On this issue, CMO Nepal Singh said that the third wave has come in the country but it does not have much effect because the immunity of a large number of people has developed. He said that even if someone gets infected, there is no such thing as panic and recovery is being done by isolating at home and taking simple medicines.

No need to worry about Omicron…
Giving information on the cases of Omicron variant, Dr. Nepal Singh said that till Wednesday there were 6 cases of Omicron in Kanpur, but now it may have increased. Omicron is not as serious as we were thinking. It is similar to normal corona virus. Although it is spreading rapidly, it has not yet seen much danger to the victims.

Adequate arrangements for oxygen if needed.
According to the CMO, there is no problem in breathing in the cases coming in the third wave. He told that if there is any such problem of oxygen, then there are adequate arrangements. He informed that at present nine oxygen plants are working. Oxygen concentrators are available in sufficient quantity in hospitals. If there is difficulty in breathing like last time, then the health department is fully prepared for it.

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