There were more than 100 passengers in the 52 seater bus, the injured said – when the bus overturned, there was a scream. Fear is still visible on the faces of the injured in Lalitpur There were more than 100 passengers in the 52 seater bus, the injured said – when the bus overturned, there was a scream

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  • Fear Is Still Visible On The Faces Of The Injured In Lalitpur There Were More Than 100 Passengers In The 52 Seater Bus, The Injured Said – When The Bus Overturned, There Was A Scream

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Girl injured in accident.

In Lalitpur on Tuesday, a speeding bus fell into a 15-feet deep drain while trying to save the bike at Padoriya Bagh on Lalitpur-Mehrauni road. Four people had died in the accident. At the same time, the pain of panic is being seen on the faces of the injured admitted in the hospital. Injured passengers told that more than 100 passengers were full in the private bus. Children were standing in the bus when the accident happened. He was terrified after seeing the accident.

There were 100 passengers in the bus

15-year-old Ritu Yadav, a resident of Barav, who was injured in the bus accident, told that 100 people were on the bus. He was on the bus with his brother. He could not find a place in the bus, so he was standing in the bus. Suddenly the bus overturned and screamed. Everyone started screaming to save their lives. At the same time, 15-year-old Mehak Shukla, a resident of Sindwaha, told that there were more than 100 passengers in the bus. The speed of the bus was also more than 80. She told that she had not got a seat, so she was sitting on the sack kept in the bus. The injured aboard the bus said that there were more than 100 rides. Whereas the bus is said to be 52 seater.

four people were killed

While saving the bike on Mehrauni Road in the city’s Kotwali area, the uncontrolled private bus broke the culvert wall and fell into the ditch. In this incident, four people including the bike rider died on the spot while 27 people were injured. The injured were brought to the district hospital by ambulance and admitted. As soon as the information was received, DM Alok Singh, ASP Girjesh Kumar and other officials reached the spot.

this is the case

The private bus going from Lalitpur to Madavara reached near Padoria Bagh between village Masaura-Mirchwara in Kotwali area at around 6.10 pm, when the bus went uncontrolled to save the bike rider going in front of the bus. The bus fell into a deep gorge by breaking the culvert wall. The incident caused outrage from the passengers. The people around gave information about the incident to the Kotwali police and immediately started evacuating the people trapped in the bus. The Kotwali police, who arrived in a while, called an ambulance and started sending the injured to the hospital. On the other hand, a crane was called at the spot and the bus was pulled out. At the same time, DM Alok Singh said that four people died after the private bus fell into the gorge to save the bike rider. 27 people have been injured who have been admitted to the district hospital.

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