These 5 ways students can prevent suicide: share your pain with others, keep laughing and dancing

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He had committed suicide, that’s why the country was acquitted, the leaders were acquitted, the market was acquitted, the buyers were acquitted, the parents were acquitted

– Suman Keshari

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Talk on sensitive issue

A very sensitive issue today: the rising trend of suicides.

Result of out of control situations in professional, student and domestic life.

A) Do you know that most of the people who commit suicide in India are farmers (especially agricultural daily wage labourers), housewives and students?

B) Debt trap, crop failure, family quarrels, diseases and any kind of drug addiction are the major reasons for farmer suicides.

C) On the other hand, problems related to marriage such as forced marriage, demand of dowry, unfaithfulness of husband, divorce, etc., not being able to give birth to a child (infertility), family quarrels, illness and physical violence (rape etc.) are the main reasons for the suicide of housewives.

d) Reasons for student suicides are forced subjects, failure in exams or fear of failure, single exam based education system, etc.

Apart from different reasons One common reason that I see in the suicides of all these three communities is social prestige.

every suicide is a big loss

Renowned writer Munshi Premchand was told by his rural character to understand the villages of India well that ‘What is the use of losing life in prestige’, but the truth appears to be something else.

Farmers in India do not take loans only to buy agricultural seeds, the reasons for these loans taken are pompous marriages, dowry given to husbands of daughters, expenditure on education that can never get a job, to naming. After rites and death, the thirteenth feast also includes – Your story is from mother’s belly till Marghat, pug, pug pyare, dangal dangal.

‘Son, now this is your house, where your doli has landed, where your bier should rise’, this is not just a dialogue from a movie, it is the reality of Indian society, it is the advice that a mother gives to her daughter on her wedding day. Gives: So what’s hidden in it: perceived social prestige. And from there begins the pressure, which in severe cases leads to suicide.

another true story

Student 1: Arey, my score in mock test is not increasing at all.

Student 2 (who is a friend of Student 1): To tujhe drop lena padega (jokingly), from the fifth floor.

It sent shivers down my spine to hear this joke between kids studying in one of the prestigious IIT coaching classes in India.

In our times ‘drop’ used to mean only one thing, a break of one year to prepare for competitive exams. Just think carefully, then why would this second meaning of this word have developed in so many years?

Is it maybe because ‘Sharmaji’s son’ has got a good package? What is hidden in this, think for yourself? Parents themselves give the slogan ‘Do or Die’ to their children for getting education to earn good money and for success in competitive exams.

fetters and restraints

JJ Rousseau’s view is, ‘Man is born free but everywhere he is bound in chains’, I would like to make a slight change in this ‘Man is born free but everywhere he is bound in chains made by himself.

We see these shackles constantly tightening:

What will people say, I also have to live in the society, buy sarees and clothes, first son’s name is to be named, don’t leave any gap, when we went to others for food, now we will have to invite them too, he said so and so. If we had given a gift of this much in marriage, then we will have to give more than that, etc. There are some examples when Indian families keep spending more than their capacity for their false social prestige.

The unnecessary pressure found in the middle class for societal expectation can be a lot better if we can work.

professional life pressure

Professionals working in a company can often come under constant stress, either because of the boss, or because of colleagues. The same condition also applies to those who do their own business. When it is in excess, people are forced to take very dangerous steps.

5 steps to prevent suicide

1) Share your pain openly with your loved ones

2) Don’t magnify small pain unnecessarily

3) There are new paths in life too, remember this

4) Keep this attitude of ‘whatever will happen’

5) keep on laughing, dancing, playing

So to stop the suicides of farmers, housewives and students in India, what we can do today at this very moment is to take a pledge that we will not blame any individual or family on the grandeur of the celebrations organized by them, on the sisters and daughters of the real people. Speaking up, and stop judging kids by asking for their package.

Today’s career funda is – ‘Some people will say, people’s work is to say, let Raina not get wasted in useless talks’.

Will do and show!

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